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HTC Bolt is Defective


HTC Bolt is Defective

The HTC Bolt has a very common defect that appears to have affected hundreds of phones.  The screen will go completely black and not display what you are doing.  If you are lucky, you can see the left half of the screen.  The phone's screen will work as intended only for short bursts, then it's back to half a screen again.


The screen defect is not the main problem.  The main problem is the customer service that refuses to do anything about it.  I have yet to see Sprint acknowledge this well-known defect.  Sprint should be exchanging these exclusive heavily promoted flagship devices for working models. Because Sprint will do nothing, I had to ship the phone back to HTC, at my expense.


HTC admited that the phones are defective and attempted to repair my phone.  Like many others who have posted here, whose "repaired" phone broke again shortly after receipt, my phone was broken again upon arrival, apparently from shoddily putting the phone back together.  So HTC now has my phone for a second time, but this time for replacement (with a refurbished phone). 


The replacement process was supposed to take 3-5 days.  After waiting 5 days, I am told to wait an additional 3+ days for information on how much longer I will have to wait. 


It has been over a month since I contacted HTC about my defective phone.  I still have no idea how much longer I will be without a phone.  Sprint and HTC accepted my money in excange for a working smartphone.  Now, I do not have a working smartphone, and I do not have my money back, despite asking for my money back.  All I have in exchange for the purchase price of a new phone is the vague promise to send me a refurbished phone at some point in the future. 


The HTC Bolts are defective.  Sprint will not help.  HTC will not help.

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