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Heartache and Aggravation: Samsung Note 7


Heartache and Aggravation: Samsung Note 7

Dear Sir/ Madam:

Let me first preface this complaint by stating that I am a loyal Sprint customer and loyal Samsung brand user who has finally reached the end of my patience. I am appealing to you because all previous complaints to the customer care center (888-211-4727) have seemingly fallen on deaf ears. I am appealing to you in the hope that a speedy resolution will be provided. 


I pre-ordered a Samsung Note 7 ($200 deposit plus taxes) phone on August 3rd, 2016. On the same day I ordered a Samsung Galaxy S7 phone ($150 deposit plus taxes) for my daughter whose birthday is August 4. I elected to pick up the S7 phone in store at a nearby retail outlet and then I patiently waited, with much excitement, for the Note 7 to arrive. I also paid my account balance in full. Little did I know that August 3rd was apparently my unlucky day. 


When I went to the retail store to pick up the S7 phone, the representative refused to allow me to pick up my online order without surrendering the Samsung S6 that I was upgrading. This was contrary to the email instructions that I received after I had placed the order for the S7 phone. However, in order to ensure that my daughter had her birthday gift I surrendered the S6 phone. Three weeks after that transaction, and several phone calls later, as well as an additional trip to the retail store, I finally had resolution of that issue. I had to pick up the S6 phone from the retail store and mail it back to the Returns Department. I then had to track the return and call customer care several times before the account was credited for the return. No one apologized or compensated me for the time and aggravation spent to resolve an issue that was the fault of your employee.


On August 19, I finally received my long awaited Note 7 phone. When the initial notice to exchange the device was issued some weeks later I called the customer service number referenced above and placed an order for a replacement. When I received notice that replacements were available, I followed up to find out about the status of my order after not receiving a new phone. I was told to go to a corporate office to pick up one in store since the new phones were back-ordered. I dutifully went to the store located at 8501 Fenton Street, Silver Spring, MD 20910 to do so. I waited 5 hours and finally left with a new phone sometime after 9:00 pm on September 23. As I was driving home, I noticed that the phone, which was plugged in to the USB port in my car was discharging instead of charging. I unplugged the device and instead connected it to the wireless charger that I had purchased that day. About 5 minutes later the phone became very hot. I unplugged it and waited about an hour before attempting to recharge it. I used the charger that was supplied with the phone. At that time it successfully held a charge. However, the next day, September 24th, I decided to return the phone out of and abundance of caution and fear that there was a more serious issue. I again waited patiently in line. After more than 2 hours my name came up as next to be served. The available representative bypassed me and started to assist another customer whom he appeared to know personally. I then requested to speak with a manager and I spoke with Mr. Joshua Berry. He apologized profusely and offered me a wireless charger free of cost to compensate. Despite the minor hiccup I was satisfied with the service and rated Mr. Berry as outstanding when I was contacted for a review about my visit.  


Sadly, that did not mark the end of the saga. A few weeks  later I started receiving total recall notices. I finally traded in my phone on November 12th. I figured that the Samsung Note 7 drama was finally behind me.  However, when I called to follow up about the status of my refund two weeks later I was told that no refund was processed because there was no evidence of the return. I provided the pertinent information about the transaction including the associate's name, register number, store number, and transaction date to a supervisor. He promised to check with the store and call me back. It's been 6 weeks and he hasn't called me back, but I'm still hopeful that he will. A week later I called the customer service number again, got the same run around from the representative, and finally demanded to speak with another manager who also promised to call me back. He also failed to keep his promise. I'm still hopeful that he too will call someday. 


Meanwhile, I had already figured out that the delay in processing the refund was caused by the ineptitude of your associate, Bryant R., who did not cancel the installation contract on the returned Note 7 phone. Again, I had to take time out of my busy day to return to the store and spend another 1.5 hours there to have the error reviewed and corrected. I was credited for the installment amounts that were charged, but received no compensation for my time and inconvenience. Had I known then what I know now, I would not have fallen for the sales pitch to add a "free tablet" (iPad Air 2 for a deposit of $150 plus taxes and monthly installment contract). In fact, I would have cut my losses and run. Unfortunately, I fell for the pitch and, for my loyalty, I was rewarded with an addition of about $100 to my monthly bill, several service interruptions since Sprint kept demanding payment on my account and adding re-connection and late fees, while withholding the deposit that was paid on August 3rd (for a Note 7 phone that brought me nothing but fear, anxiety, and lost time for hours spent waiting in line and on the phone for resolutions), and more questions than answers as I continue to await my refund.


I still applaud what the Sprint brand purports to stand for, but at this point my admiration is waning and the love is gone. I feel wrung out and frustrated. As a hard-working single mother, I value every dollar. While the $200 plus that is owed to me would not register on Sprint's radar, to me it means a lot. Being in debt to me for a mere $200 and continuing to slap me with late fees and re-connection fees smacks of injustice on Sprint's part. I lack the resources to fight Sprint for what is due to me. All I can do is appeal to the powers that be to resolve the matter expeditiously. At this point, I have spent thousands in bill payments and fees, because I, like others of my generation, have become a slave to my mobile device. As such, I heed every threatened and actual service interruption and pay my bill (although I'm admittedly late at times). Whoever is reading this and has the power to act with haste, please, I beg you, investigate this matter and credit me the amount due to me. I know I am only one of many affected by this, but you're holding me hostage for mistakes that were made by and compounded by your employees. I thank you in advance and eagerly await your response.



A Loyal Customer

Sprint Social Care

Re: Heartache and Aggravation: Samsung Note 7

Thank you so much for taking the time and let us know how you are feeling. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience that you have gone thru.  Let's take a look into that. Can you please send us a private message? Just click on my name and then select “send a message".



Sprint Social Care

Sprint Social Care
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