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Help! How do I reach a manager or supervisor? Customer Service?


Help! How do I reach a manager or supervisor? Customer Service?

I have been a Sprint customer for several years and started having some issues in November of 2017.  We changed the plan we were on and were told our bill would go down but instead it has increased.  We also had a lost phone that we had been convinced we should keep on the plan because it was free and it actually helped us get a lower priced package.  Once the new package kicked in, we were charged for the lost phone and our rate went up.  I spent several calls and weeks to just get the phone taken off our bill and still had to pay for the extra charges.  I was offered a few adjustments and platitudes but was really never happy and still needed to find out about other package options.  Because of these extra charges of another $200 a month, I had made payment arrangements to catch up our bill.  Since the bill is behind I have been treated horribly by operators on chat who even said that if I decide to cancel our phones and not make the past due payments that they will charge my other credit cards I have on file. (Before this had no intention of cancelling).  I spoke with one gentleman today who was helpful with the billing but still could really not do anything to help me in the long run.  I truly want to speak with a manager, a real manager, who can help me.  I want to understand why my bill has increased and to speak with someone who can help me with options regarding packages and options regarding payments.  Do I call customer retention? Escalation?

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Re: Help! How do I reach a manager or supervisor? Customer Service?

Good morning cynbrown1. Thanks for reaching out. I can certainly look into this issue for you. We sent you a private message, please reply to it at your earliest convenience.

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