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Horrible Customer Service


Horrible Customer Service

I upgraded one of my phones with a deal that sprint sent to me via an email giving me a discount each month on an iPhone 7.  After several times contacting customer service since December, all I've been given is the run around. After having to explain my situation at least three times to each representive, I always seem to first be told that I don't have any discounts and then after holding for several minutes I'm then assured that my next bill will reflect the appropriate credits. I never would've upgraded my phone without the discount. Well the bill I got today again does not show the credits. I again contact customer service via chat this time and again told I don't have any discounts and then put on hold again for "more research" and needing to discuss with a supervisor.  This person then assures me some department will call me within 2-4 hours since she's made the situation urgent, but won't tell me who's calling me or who I can call if they don't call me.  All she says is  quote (from the emailed transcript)


Michelle S. : I understand your concern,but I have made sure that you will receive a call back for sure.
Michelle S. : As I have raised on urgent basis.


And guess what, no one has called me yet.  


I have been a customer for almost 20 years, because I actually worked in a sprint store. But when I worked there I would never had given anyone the run around as every representative has done to me so far on this issue. 

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