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Horrible coverage, even worse customer service.


Horrible coverage, even worse customer service.

I’ve had on going issues with sprint for a few months now. Between data being extremely slow even on full bars lte to not working. Never getting call backs when I’ve been told I would to be slapped in the face with “here’s a $10 credit for your 3 lines of service since data hasn’t been working for a few weeks now”


This happens in stores as well, I purchased a hotspot the next day the screen was popping out with a single reason to be. Being toss around on the phone between sprints 1800 line and the store and being told I would be called back by the store to get it replaced. Never happened. Ended up returning it and being very mad at the store.


The latest issue is the final straw.

I saw the promo for the BOGO on the iPhone 8’s. I figured since I was a long standing good customer they could give me some sort of deal since I have 2 lines that have zero payments or contracts and could cancel at anytime without any payoffs etc.


So I called in, was toss around a few times between departments before finally landing in customer retention aka a very useless department, maybe they should get rid of it and put that money into expanding the coverage.


So after being told the only they could offer me is a $300 off with trade in. I declined because I know how that game goes. Unless the phone is perfect like new outta the box they steal your phone and give you nothing.


I then asked how much it would be to pay off the phone on my 3rd line. The guy told me then asked me to wait so he could talk to his manager. When he came back to the line he offered me the BOGO deal IF I opened a line for a tablet, wearable or hotspot. I said I wasn’t sure and asked if I could think about it and call back. He said yes no problem.


So a few days later I call back, got bounced around a few times and landed back up into the “customer retention” department. After explaining to this new person the deal I was offered I was told no, she proceeded to tell me the only notes on the account were of me wanting the bogo, declining the trade in offer and inquiring about canceling my services. AWESOME! After some back and forth between the rep and people on her side, I finally asked for a supervisor because if you’re going to offer a deal to a customer you honor it, even if it was “wrong” that’s just good customer service and how you create a customer for life.


Now I get to the supervisor, and boy was this guy the most single rude person I have ever delt with as a customer. I asked them why I was offered the deal if they wouldn’t honor it. The answe wasn’t just “we can’t” after trying to get a real answer I realized I wasn’t going to get any sort of answer or help from this guy. He kept talking over me, even after I called him out on it. He just kept doing it, he wasn’t listening what so ever. I was done and asked to speak to someone higher above him. He refused and said if I wanted to speak to someone higher than him I would need to file a claim and I would get a call back within 3-5 days. So I filed a claim to get a call back.  I then asked to speak to another supervisor, he flat out told me no he wasn’t going to do that.


OK FINE, I told him I wanted to cancel my service. I asked if he could do that and if not to transfer me to someone who could. He told me I would need to payoff my single phone under lease. While trying to tell him I was well aware of this and I didn’t care I had to pay, I wanted it canceled. He once again kept trying to talk over me when I was in the middle of a sentence. It went on like this for a good 10 minutes trying to tell him I wanted to pay and cancel my service with sprint and to do it himself or send me to someone that could. Again the entire time he kept talking over me and just not listening. FINALLY I get it through this dudes brain I was going to pay and cancel. He asks for my card info then hangs up on me immediately after asking! And of corse no call back. I had already spent 2 hours on the phone with sprint just to be hung up on because the dude knew he had messed up with how he treated and acted to a customer.


Im still waiting on my call back, it’s been a week now. I doubt I’ll get one I doubt the dude even filed a claim. I will be canceling my services in store where they can’t hang up on me and switching carriers unless sprint decides they actually want to keep customers, give me a call back and make all this right.

Sprint Employee

Hello AggravatedCust, this is very concerning! Thanks for bringing this to our attention. We're more than willing to assist you and provide you all the support you need.
Please reply to my Private Message at your earliest convenience.

Sprint Social Care

I know your pain omg!!
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