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Horrible lack of towers and poor service


Horrible lack of towers and poor service

I thought i would change to sprint afteryears with verizon and page plus. I got a phone I like the lg g5. I love the phone andits the best one Ive ever had by so much it isnt funny. Getting it started took over a week and the terrible indian non english speaking help was a joke. After finally getting it The real pain begins. They charge alot and they have hardly any towers. You get charged roaming for using verizons towers even though the salesman said there isnt roaming charges anymore. The untrained and non competent employees are bad enough but try to call in to change your plan to avoid extra charges and all you get stuck in the looping automated operator which you try untill your so mad you just hang up to save your sanity. Their lack of towers and customer service is why Im going back to verizon

Re: Horrible lack of towers and poor service

Haroldlwasson, thanks for contacting us. Give me a chance to make this right. What are the cross streets and ZIP code of the location where this is happening?

Sprint Social Care Team.
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