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How do I File a Formal Complaint??


How do I File a Formal Complaint??

I have been a faithful customer of your company for many years.

Recently I switched companies due to the consistent lies of Sprint representative when I upgraded my phone.

I was frustrated when your sales representative was trying to take advantage of my new plan and phone in different locations.

I have a plan for many years where my long distance is blocked to prevent extra charges. I use an app called Whatsup to Spain all the time and also in case my phone get stolen.

I call consistently to Spain every day for many years and my phone bill is also the same amount every month and I’ve never paid overage. That is why I am so upset with Sprint.

I recently got a bill that is over $1000 due to  long distance charges.

You guys switch my plan without authorization, and now I’m getting charged for my long distances calls.

I try to reach the billing department and since I am no longer a Sprint customer I can’t get through, I keep getting disconnected and a message saying that the office is closed.

I have tried many times and finally I contacted a department of long distance, totally a waste of my time.

All your phone operators are over sea’s or out of the country and your employees are barely understandable, they can’t do anything, they don’t have any access to fix my situation, they say they will review and they will send me a letter in a couple of weeks. I never receive anything except a new bill with a higher amount.

I keep trying to contact them and is the same results.

I have excellent credit, I always paid on time and I am very concern about  my credit and nothing is getting resolved.

You guys can’t change my plan without my authorization and charge me a huge bill, I feel that is the punishment for leaving your company.

Time keeps passing and nothing is being done.


Re: How do I File a Formal Complaint??

Hey. I'd like to look into this for you. I'm going to send you a private message.


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