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I Have Time Today Sprint.... Yes I Do... I am tired of you messing me over....


I Have Time Today Sprint.... Yes I Do... I am tired of you messing me over....

That's it Sprint!!! I want to talk to someone at a director level!!! I mean the manager's manager... Yes I said that, because this is just that ridiculous....

I have been with Sprint for over 2 years and on an average of every other month I have to call with an issue about my bill. Now not only is my bill messed up. I am being taxed based on an address that I lived at 5 years ago and I never gave them my old address!!! HOW?!?!?!

And I added 1 line to my phone and my bill went up over $80.

Why you ask? Well after receiving the wrong information a year ago. I had to get a credit I was supposed to get from the start. I was told the credit would go until the end of my lease agreement and it did. I got 7 of 7 payment credits liked promised until as I quote from Sprint "The lease for this line of service has completed its term agreement......"


But surprise I was not told that after my lease was up that I would still be paying for the phone even though my contract term was fulfilled. Why would you not tell me that? I will give you a discount to complete your lease term, but by the way I switched your plan to "FOREVER LEASE" so you still pay monthly in case you want a new phone?!?!?! No I was told that I would get the credit to the end of my lease and by then I would be even because I would not have the lease on the phone any more.

You guys say you are helping but you find loop holes to get the money back from what you were rightfully supposed to give me in credit.

Case in point with the 7 months of credits I received, I was told I couldn't get the military discount on my phone because I was already getting the credit I was supposed to get in the first place. I was not told I couldn't get the military discount on my phone because it doesn't work on the first line!!! So again, why would I not expect once the 7 of 7 credits finish, that the military discount would start? Help me understand how I am supposed to ask the Customer Care Rep to check what they are telling me when they are telling me this is what will happen? But I get it now. I need to know more about your plan than they do. I need to be the expert at Sprint going forward.

I spent over 17 years being the expert in my military field and all I want is to have a good phone service and great customer care experience. But I will go back to school and learn how to manage, train and give a great experience to client who are not getting the treatment they deserve and I will come work for you SPRINT and make this change for you. Because it seems I care more right now than you do because if you did you would have a manager or director contact to fix these issues.

I haven't begun to ask how the hell my address changed to a house I haven't stayed at for 5 years?!?!?! My wife or I have never given that address for any reason. When we moved to Sprint I had not been at that address for 3 years. So explain that to me Sprint?!?!?! Please.. Because Customer Care said FRAUD could help me and FRAUD said that they can't see or do anything about it....

This is very low and saddening. I switched to Sprint because I was told it was a great experience. I have had nothing but problems since the first week. Literally the firs week with you guys. Trust me. It is because of my wife we are still with you. I bring you facts and you try to talk around them for the first 20 mins of every call. Then you ask me did I know something that I tell you up front I was never told. Then you tell me I have to be charged for something I was never told about because it went through already. HOW IS THAT MY FAULT?!?!

Explain Sprint.. Explain how you treat your clients like this?!?!

And if you can't explain I will look to get an explanation from my more than 350k Social Media Followers as I will post my weekly issues with Sprint in a new BLOG called "TELL ME WHY SPRINT...."
Understand this is not a threat. This is reality. I have tried more and more and more to be understanding. I have given my money and more importantly my time to fixing things you did wrong and try to blame me for not knowing.

So I will began to ask the masses to keep me informed on why Sprint does the things it does...

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