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I need to know how to file a formal complaint.


I need to know how to file a formal complaint.

I have been a Sprint customer for going on 7 years now and I have never been more dissatisfied than I am today. I called several months ago to cancel two of my lines. I was advised by someone in your employ that if i waited until closer to the expiration of the lease then I wouldnt have to pay as much to cancel the lines. This was false information. As I just called to cancel(leases are up in october) and I was told that after 24 months of paying for these phones that I still do not own them. I understand the leasing process, but it was conveyed to me on more than one occasion by your employees that after 24 months I could cancel these lines without having to pay anything. I do not want these lines. I do not use these lines. One phone is broken, the other got stolen. Now Im being told I would have to buy out the phones at $160 a piece. I pay well over four hundred dollars a month for my six phones and every single time I call in to discuss something it is an issue. Your call center representatives are rude(especially the one i spoke with today). I myself work at a call center for Cox Communications and if I ever treated a customer the way your call center rep treated me I would be fired on the spot. The service is lackluster but I stayed because the price was right and the customer service was good. Neither of those things are true anymore. I could go to Verizon, have them buy out the leases on my phones, and get four lines for $20 a line. It's your call. Im giving this two weeks to find resolution before I leave your company and take my business somewhere else. This is an absolute outrage and not the first time Ive been treated poorly by your agents. The last time I called in I was placed on hold and left there. Noone ever called me back. Noone ever returned to the line. Again unacceptable. Two weeks and I am cancelling my entire account and taking my business to verizon. I pay too much money for too long to be treated like this.

Michael Holland
Sprint Social Care

Re: I need to know how to file a formal complaint.


Thank you for bringing this situation to our attention, I am sorry to read that you were given wrong information about your contract. I would like to provide you with assistance regarding your concern and look into the options available for you, we do not want to lose you as part of our Sprint Family. Please check your inbox, I've sent you a private message.

Sprint Social Care
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