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I really need help to unlock my phones. URGENT !!!


I really need help to unlock my phones. URGENT !!!

I have called sprint several times, I have gone to the sprint shop and nobody can help me or want to help me, I have 2 edge 7 that I have not been able to unlock but all of them tell me that they have already been unlocked, I have dealt with another simcard and I get the message 'Invalid SIM card', and my UICC says 'Your device is locked to Sprint SIMs only'. Now I have no service because I do not have a sprint or have Tmobile.

Please help URGENT !!!


Good afternoon. I'd be happy to help you with this. When you requested for unlock, did you follow the tips in this link? SOLUTION: Sprint Hints for Successful Unlocks


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I have tried all of this several times and it gives me an error 407, I continue with the same problem.


you made sure the sprint sim card is still in the phone, that its turned on and connected to wifi and THEN contacted Sprint to re lock then re unlock the devices?




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