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I was set up to pay for phones that i cannot afford


I was set up to pay for phones that i cannot afford

4 months ago sprint was doing a promotional deal where the iphone X was only $20 per month and my bill was supposed to be $60 for unlimited everything. When i went to the store the lady told me that i should just upgrade to the package deal where i buy one phone amd get one free. she told me that if i cannot afford it or if i cannot find someone to join my line and use the other phone then i can just return it within 14 days. I came back before the 14 days were over and the manager at the store told me that i cannot return them and that my bill will remain the same. i was devistated and i thought that i HAD to keep paying this bill because i am under a LEASE! my bill is $218 and i cannot afford it! I never could since day one! i always paid half one week and waited until i got paid to pay the other half and it is draining me! This was not fair to me and i feel as though i was finessed! I want to return the phones and close the whole entire account. I believe that i should NOT be charged any cancellation fees because i was told that i can return the phones within 14 days and i COULDNT! This is not fair to me. I can barely afford to feed myself and pay bills due to this phone bill!


Re: I was set up to pay for phones that i cannot afford

Good morning. I don't want you to leave over this. Let me see what I can do to help. You can return the phone within the 14 day grace period. I'm not sure why you were told that you couldn't. Is there anything I can do to get you to stay?


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Re: I was set up to pay for phones that i cannot afford

Can I return the phones back to sprint via mail? Because the people in the store basically wont let me. I’ll keep my iphone X because that is the only one that I actually use. Also, I am honestly unsure of what lease agreement I was set up with when I got the phones I was under the impression that i would be paying to own my phone in the end. I think its pointless to pay for a phone every month that is not going to be mines once i am done paying. 

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Re: I was set up to pay for phones that i cannot afford

I can see if I can get a RMA Kit ordered, so it'll come back to us. I would like to review your account to verify everything to help you make the best decision. I'm sending you a private message. 





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