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Iphone 7 No Service


Iphone 7 No Service

I purchased an Iphone 7 brand new from Sprint with full coverage insurance a couple years ago and within a month was contacting them regarding connection issues.  My phone would work with phone calls and data maybe 50% of the time.  I was told to go to a Sprint store, they returned it to me with the conclusion that nothing was wrong with the phone.  Every few months I would contact Sprint about this issue, they sent me a Magic Box to help boost my service but I was still having problems.  Finally in February 2019 they advised me that my phone was part of a glitch group from overseas that Apple would fix, I just needed to take my phone to an Apple bar/Genius bar and have them fix it directly.  When I asked the Apple employees how long they had been fixing these phones they told me over a year. I looked up the issue using my phone's model # and found record of this over a year old.  So for over a year Sprint new about this glitch but never felt the need to contact me about it.  I paid full price on a phone that they knew for at least a year wasn't working at 100%. So I called to file a complaint and was told by Titi that she would give me $20 back over my next 2 bill cycles, or $40 if I upgraded and got on contract.  I asked if I could file a complaint and she said that she was the person that made the decisions and there was no one else to make a complaint with...not even a supervisor.  Horrible customer service! I'm jumping ship ASAP

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