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It is not a FREE phone--don't believe Sprint!!


It is not a FREE phone--don't believe Sprint!!

Our local newspaper ran a one page ad for free Samsung J3 phones.

We went to get ONE PHONE, possibly transfer over TWO LINES from metropcs. Store guy said we should get 5 lines for the unlimited plan.

He said it's a great deal! 5 lines for less than $100!

The other lines are all free and we will even give you 3 free samsung phones so you can use them as a hotspot for your kids (our kids were with us bye: a 7 month old and a 2 year old).

THERE IS NO FREE SAMSUNG PHONE. "Free" means you pay for taxes AND THATS IT. We have received free phones from T-Mobile and cricket in the past so we know what free means.

Let me explain why sprint's Samsung phones are not free:

1) they charge your credit (in our case, WITHOUT OUR CONSENT) to be "approved" for $147/per phone

2) the phone is on a payment plan where you are charged a little under $6+taxes per month BUT Sprint reimburses you this money so they think it means "free" (it doesn't)

Here's why: if you only pay taxes on a phone and it's yours, you can cancel your contract/services any time and leave with your phone. If you leave sprint with their "FREE" phone, you owe them the remaining balance. Or you have to return the phone (unlikely given my experience with their horrible cancellation department).

It's a scam guys. A scam.
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Re: It is not a FREE phone--don't believe Sprint!!

Hello Jessakasnm.

We are very concern to read your post. At Sprint we value our customers and their expectation. We will never sacrifice our core values and not stand behind our products or promotions. We rely on earning the trust of our customers and one another each and every day. We would never put that in jeopardy. Let us have a look at your account and find out what happen. We just sent you a Private Message, please reply back as soon as you can. 

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Re: It is not a FREE phone--don't believe Sprint!!

I created an account on here just so I could leave this for others to see.

My family is going through this exact SCAM right now! We had left Metro PCS to join Sprint so we could get that third line free, which was for me. We wanted to use our phones from Metro and activate them with Sprint, no luck. Metro is GSM and Sprint is CDMA I was told.

So now a Sprint employee offers "Free" Samsung J3 Emerge (garbage phones) to us. We take 3. Then she said "why don't you take 2 more. You can get up to 5 phones Free. You can use them as backup phones". Figured for free why not.

Then she explains how the first couple bills will be larger than usual. Then she told us we will be billed $7 per month/per phone. She then says NOT to worry because it will ALL be credited back to us. She said the first bill is big because my Mom is being charged for her credit. But once it comes through, the amount will be reimbursed.

So far all we heard is "Free" and "Reimbursed". Then she says to initial here, sign here....doesn't tell us why. At this point we are overly stressed out because we have been in the store for over 3 hours trying to join Sprint.
So my Mom just signs and initials. We get home and try the phones out...complete garbage. Signal comes in and out, camera quality sucks 8MP, internet is slow or doesn't work, calls don't come in, text delays, just horrible!!

So now obviously we want to leave Sprint and go back to Metro PCS. Now they tell us because it's past 14 days, that we now will owe a restocking fee for EACH phone. I believe it was $35 per phone. At this point we were reaching the 30 day mark with Sprint. We just wanted to return ALL the phones and leave them and never look back. On top of now wanting to return the phones, we are told because we cancelled service by porting out, we now owe like $160 per phone!! That's over $700!!!!!! THIS "PROMOTION OF FREE PHONES" IS A SCAM! A SECRET SNEAKY CONTRACT!

We were NEVER ONCE told we were in ANY kind of contract or we would have ran the other way.
So now I'm calling customer service, they tell me there's NOTHING they can do, I have to go to the store. The store tells me the same, NOTHING they can do, I have to call customer service!!! Are you kidding me?!?!?!
I am beyond stressed out and pissed off at this point. Going back and forth with no answers and no resolutions. This company and their customer service is a COMPLETE JOKE! As of right now, I would recommend them to 0 people.

I waited on hold for an hour to talk to a supervisor only to be told there's NOTHING he can do. Same answer from the store "Manager" over in the Sprint store at the Holyoke, MA mall.
They have no problem taking your money, but don't want to help resolve an issue to make a happy customer. They are selfish ********.
Now we are stuck staying with a **bleep**ty service for 2 YEARS!!! Because we have a contract we never knew about until we wanted to leave. Ridiculous!!

We asked when we first walked in if there were any contracts because we don't want any kind of contract, that's why we came from Metro PCS. They said no contracts. What the hell do you think a phone contract is genius?!?! They said "FREE phones", then how are you going to charge me monthly for them and full price to return them?!?
The stupidity and lies at these stores are on a whole nother level! Why on earth would we get two EXTRA phones if we knew their was a contract with it?!? Phones we don't even use! Sneaky sales people working for commission. You say no contract, yet 2 yrs is a contract. It's no different than being in contract and paying a $200 cancellation fee. Why would I lease a piece of crap phone? It's not even worth $100 let alone more.

Sprint really needs to step up or further action will be taken. This is BEYOND RIDICULOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks Sprint for being the worst, most stressful experience on earth. Thanks for forcing your customers to stay with you by guilt of an excessive bill which will ruin their credit. Worst company EVER! WORST EXPERIENCE EVER! STAY FAR AWAY! TELL YOUR FRIENDS TOO!
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Re: It is not a FREE phone--don't believe Sprint!!

Good morning SprintIsAScam.

That is definitely not the way we want our customers to feel. Our customers expectations is important. We stand behind our promotions and would never jeopardize the trust of our customers. Allow us to review your account. We just sent you a Private Message, please reply back as soon as you can.

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Re: It is not a FREE phone--don't believe Sprint!!

If that's not how you want your customers to feel, then you guys should really try resolving customer issues to where the customer is happy and feels appreciated and valued.
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