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LG G6 50% off - False Advertising - Worst Customer Service Experience


LG G6 50% off - False Advertising - Worst Customer Service Experience

Worst customer service experience in 15 years. Sprint advertises 50% off instantly for the LG G6 (plus free activation and Google Home). Pretty good deal right?


Except they sent me an agreement to sign that had the full price of the device, divided up into full price installments (sleight of agreement). I spent close to 8 hours in chats and on the phone to be bounced around from department to department, having to explain that signing a legally binding contract for the full price of the device was not a smart move on my part and I should be able to get a contract that reflects the promotion. Well, they couldn't make that happen. They promised me that I wouldn't pay full price and that I would be credited every month for the 50% off. (read more and see why their promise is not worth anything)


I'm sure several people have signed it by now, but if you read the fine print 1. if you break the agreement at any time, you are responsible for paying for the balance which legally could be the full amount listed on the agreement (you're being credited 50% each month you continue paying) and 2. you are able to pay extra up to the full amount due for the device at any time. So, you could get stuck in a bad situation easily if they don't keep their "promise", and moreso, paying it off early will not allow you to take advantage of the 50% off, since it's not actually instant (as the promotion says) it's credited. They got you! (street magic)


Why not just sign it and trust them? Everyone knows stuff happens. Do you really want to be responsible for paying full price if they don't keep their promise that the agreement is just some standard piece of literature and they really will give you 50% off? Would you trust me if I told you I promise to give you an apple for $1 as long as you agree to pay $2?


I began the process on a Friday, and was told a supervisor would contact me before the end of the day. No call. Called back on Monday and was told a supervisor would contact me before the end of the day. No call. Called back Tuesday... you guessed it! No call again. Called late Tuesday and finally was told I was speaking to a Customer Care supervisor and they would get me in touch with a sales supervisor. This is almost 8 hour in... because each time I called and/or was transferred I had to explain the situation over and over while they read from their script of what the promotion was, refusing to listen to what their own website was stating in difference.


The sales supervisor actually went to the website and saw first-hand why I had an issue signing the boilerplate agreement that they are supposedly in no way able to modify (did you notice the little blank next to the "discount" field when you signed yours? nothing to see here). She offered to take care of things for me and set me up with an appointment the next day between 12pm and 1pm with code to give to a local retail store, where all would be taken care of - with a free tablet as well. Awesome! Except... no. Not at all.


I showed up the next day at the appointed time and they had no appointment for me, had no idea what the code I was given could even be entered into, and refused to call Customer Care to help clear it up. They suggested I call myself. So the promises? Yea, good luck there... (you sure you don't want that apple for $2? I mean $1, promise)


Called one last time after that visit on Wednesday and was told again, I'd get a call from a supervisor by the end of the day. No call by 8pm so I called once more. There was no record of the offer I had been made and (this was around 9.5-10 hrs of dealing with this) a Floor Manager whose name, id, or any information about her was not allowed to be given out, jumped on the phone and rudely stated over and over that there was nothing they would do except have the recordings reviewed and return to me with a decision within 3-5 days.


So, here I am, 1 week after I tried to simply upgrade my device as a 7 year, out-of-contract, no lease, great payment history customer, having to wait to see what some panel of judges deem my situation to be before I can get what is advertised without being forced to sign an agreement that does not match the advertised offer.

Sprint Social Care

Re: LG G6 50% off - False Advertising - Worst Customer Service Experience



This is not the experience we want you to have as part of our Sprint Family. I have sent you a private message, please reach back to me as soon as you have an available time.



Sprint Social Care Team

Sprint Social Care
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