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LG V20 Claimed to be unlocked in system, but constant invalid SIM


LG V20 Claimed to be unlocked in system, but constant invalid SIM

So almost a week ago, I went and paid my LG V20 LS997ZVC off completely and decided to take my phone to another carrier.  I paid over 800 dollars.  When i called Sprint CS, they told me that it would take up to 48 hours for my phone to be unlocked.  The next day i called to check on the status and was told that my phone was fully unlocked.  However, my phone still reported "No SIM inserted" on any SIM card unless it was a Sprint SIM.  After about 5 hours of going back and forth with T1-T3 support, we finally decided that doing a factory reset on my phone might do the trick.  

Awesomely enough, it did!! My phone started working fine.  Earlier this morning, my power button decided that it didn't want to function at all except for the fingerprint scanner.  The scanner working told me that the button was fine, just wasn't taking the click, so i removed the battery to my phone and put it back in.  The phone powered back up by the power button without an issue, but when it loaded, I was greeted with my old friend "No SIM inserted."   

From the research i was doing when this first happened and by some more research I've done today, I can see that this has been a problem that many people have been having lately.  My phone is obviously not fully unlocked because the only way I can get it to take a different SIM is by factory resetting my phone.  There is an issue with Sprint sending a SIM lock to my phone regardless of the previous unlock attempts.  

Maybe someone here can help me out by getting my phone ACTUALLY unlocked? 

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Sprint Employee


Thank you for bringing this to our attention. Let's take a closer look into this, please check your inbox.

Sprint Social Care

I was able to confirm that ticket has already been closed. Please, follow the following steps on your device to complete an update to the data profile: Settings > General >System Updates > Update Profile. After this, you can try using your other carrier SIM card.

Sprint Social Care

This did not solve my problem.  I removed the battery from my phone and while connected to wifi pressed update profile and i get "Aunthenitcation Error" and the SIM still shows as invalid.  Please reopen the case and solve this issue.


i am having a similar issue and the case is in review and in process.

I will get unlock code to be send in next 3 days. I will update here how it goes.


However I would like to point out a few things on unlocking SPRINT android device to SPRINT.

there is a min. requirement before requesting such as, 

  • Device needs to be paid
  • NOT lost or stolen
  • Has to be active
  • Min. 50 days on the network (per acct. e.g if you get the sprint device from someone, you can't request.  the device needs to be on your acct 50 days.  or have the somone to request/unlock before handing it over to you.
  • After requesting the unlock, the phone needs to be active with SPRINT in order to receive the code.  This is the major issue that many people are having issue.  (if the device is not active, SPRINT DB will have it as unlocked, but device remains in LOCKED)


SPRINT needs to tell the customers the exact steps.

SPRINT needs to the code again instantly if the request is approved.  why do we need to way 2~3 days again?

SPRINT needs to train their customer service more about unlocking steps.


I might be wrong but this is what i found so far and I AM ONE OF THE SPRINT customers who are having the issue now.  My request has been RE-SUBMITTED and I am waiting...  But it took me several hours to what the issue is.


I love AT&T or T-Mobile how they handle.  Provide the codes to customers and have them to enter.


If Sprint can't have the way, again SPRINT needs to have/tell customers the exact steps...


there are so many confusion between customers and sprint.  & I am pretty positive there are many SPRINT customers out there to figure it out why the unlocked device is not working on other network.


NOTE:   So far, I like SPRINT service. this is the most important to me for now.  🙂


there is a difference on how devices get unlocked when it comes to CDMA carriers and GSM carriers.. GSM if im remembering right is WAY easier to unlock in comparison to CDMA due to if im thinking right the difference on the two and their usage of the sim card. one relies on it where the other doesnt.

I like many others come onto this site for assistance and to help others. Marking a reply as helpful or correct helps others with like issues when they try to search the site for assistance. I do not work for Sprint and my suggestions and or opinions are my own. *************************************************************************************************************

Today, i received a PM from Sprint that the unlock code has been resent and Sprint confirmed my device received the code.


I was so excited to check but no luck.  STILL same issue.

SIM CARD can't be read. I did ##72786# but still no luck


this is insane. 


@amsguy, did you try steps with the Sprint SIM card into the phone? Upon notification of the unlock you need to ensure that the Sprint SIM remains in the device, and perform the Update Data Profile (on Android phones.) This is typically done by accessing Settings, then tap System Updates, and then tap Update Data Profile.

Sprint Social Care

so weird.  I think my device received the unlocked code.

when I click UICC unlock then I got the unlocked confirmation on the device.

then i inserted ATT simcard or Tmobile, or MINT or H20 - none of sim cards can be read.


still Error on SIM CARD.


I tried to to add APN but it does not appear on the list to select after saving APN screen

I setup APN and click SAVE from option but the SAVED apn is not listed.


what is going on here???  any idea Sir?


I am having the same issue - I tried your suggestion and it still doesn't recognize any non-Sprint SIM card nor can I add a new APN.

Is your phone currently active on Sprint, RTFMA1?


I'd like to have a look at the account to see how I can help. Please check your inbox and get back to me when you have a chance.

Sprint Social Care

I know right? SPRINT social customer service members here are working really hard to fix it but it does not work . No one really gives me the exact steps how to solve it . There are so many others are having the same issue.   

We as a customer, this is not right .  We will need to do something against Sprint.  We have right to have the phone unlocked.  SPRINT needs to fix the issue.   I am still waiting .  So far I took the notes/steps what needs to be done.    I think I got all but non-sprint sim carda can't be read.  I think I didn't do is the factory reset which I won't do.   I hate to re configure everything .   I am so surprised that SPRINT didn't come up with a solid solution . Too many people are the same issues .  

We will see.   They told me to wait a few more days .  I will keep the post here.  

If it works then I will write all the steps here for others as well . 


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