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LG V20 Claimed to be unlocked in system, but constant invalid SIM


LG V20 Claimed to be unlocked in system, but constant invalid SIM

So almost a week ago, I went and paid my LG V20 LS997ZVC off completely and decided to take my phone to another carrier.  I paid over 800 dollars.  When i called Sprint CS, they told me that it would take up to 48 hours for my phone to be unlocked.  The next day i called to check on the status and was told that my phone was fully unlocked.  However, my phone still reported "No SIM inserted" on any SIM card unless it was a Sprint SIM.  After about 5 hours of going back and forth with T1-T3 support, we finally decided that doing a factory reset on my phone might do the trick.  

Awesomely enough, it did!! My phone started working fine.  Earlier this morning, my power button decided that it didn't want to function at all except for the fingerprint scanner.  The scanner working told me that the button was fine, just wasn't taking the click, so i removed the battery to my phone and put it back in.  The phone powered back up by the power button without an issue, but when it loaded, I was greeted with my old friend "No SIM inserted."   

From the research i was doing when this first happened and by some more research I've done today, I can see that this has been a problem that many people have been having lately.  My phone is obviously not fully unlocked because the only way I can get it to take a different SIM is by factory resetting my phone.  There is an issue with Sprint sending a SIM lock to my phone regardless of the previous unlock attempts.  

Maybe someone here can help me out by getting my phone ACTUALLY unlocked? 

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NOT WORKING.  SPRINT - please do something. 

I think i did everything you guys told me.  But SIM CARD is NOT readable.  Cant SAVE APN. 


Those who is having this issue- lets get together. We will need tonfile a case on this.  This is the only way to move Sprint to take an action


Just to confirm, what's the error message you receive when using a non Sprint SIM card?

Sprint Social Care

There is no error . I see an icon (invalid SIM CARD) on the top of the phone.  

I tried to update a profile/PRL with WIFI but got error - can't be updated . 


I tried to add APN (Att- sim card) but nothing shows up even I saved . 



So I did deactivate LG V20 to see if it works . 

The bottom line "NO" .

sim card Still not readable, APN still can't be saved . (It let me to Add APN page but nothing when I click SAVE). 


The same issue over and over again. 

SPRINT thinks that my device didn't get the code fully .  So they want me to re insert SPRINT sim to receive a code . 

So I switched it back to LG V20 . It is waiting to receive the code within 3 days . 

However I see it will not work ahain .I hope I am wrong. We will see.  

Previously Speint confirmed that my device received the code and I was able to update PRL/PROFILE/UNLOCK ICCID button on Security Update page. The updates went well.   But still. 


One thing (before unlocked code) -

Add APN option was NOT available . 


So my device must received the code since I see Add APN option . 


Don't mind waiting another 3 days.

Will post it here


Trying to decide what the best course of action is here. Trust that the phone is unlocked? Since I don't have another Sprint phone, cancel the line totally and then try to insert a new sim and hope for the best? Because if that actually works, what's the point of adding that line back to Sprint? I have 3 other phones on Sprint, 2 of which are also off-contract. And since all of the good incentives offered by companies are to gain new users and not retain existing, it might actually not be a bad idea. Research time!

Also note that I've been a Sprint customer for 13+ years, and this is the first time I'm actually considering alternatives. Overreacting, maybe. But Sprint can't do something as simple as getting the person that sends the unlock code on the phone with me, sends the code again, so that we can verify in real time that it worked instead of having to put on a ticket and wait 48 hours, just seems customer hostile to me at this point. Granted they can't do that for everybody, but at least do it with a few of us to verify what's going on and maybe haven't better information for downstream support personnel.

I bet the code is sent/received.  This is something about the code that Sprint needs to tweak . The code does not what it supposes to do.  



RTFMA1. You don't need to cancel the line to verify if the phone has been unlocked, you just need to insert a different carrier's SIM card and if still showing it is locked you need to follow the steps provided in here. We are always updating our systems to provide our new and existing customers good deals. The unlock code is sent through the air once the unlock case has been submitted, it can't be sent at once because there are another customer's also wanting to unlock their devices and basically the ticket is to put your request in the queue.



Sprint Social Care

Yes, I've been directed to that page multiple times. The only step not taken is to do a factory reset on my phone, but that isn't indicated for my scenario. Is that the next step, factory reset, lose everything and start over, hoping that the Google backup/restore works correctly? Please let me know if a factory reset on necessary. The unlock code has been sent multiple times at this point. And yeah, I get it, lots of people in the queue, limited amount of support personnel, blah, blah, blah, tow the corporate line. I'm over that, and past that. When you have a customer that's been trying to get an issue solved over many weeks, many discussions, and many phone calls, it's time to go the extra mile to help them. Sprint support doesn't seem to understand that. Look at this thread, how many times has support responded with the same/similar question and pointed us to the same url? At what point do we as long time customers give up in frustration and move to a new carrier. Not that the customer experience will be any better, but how else as customers can we voice our dissatisfaction and frustration?

@Sprint_Palmira. And other Sprint members: I DO NOT mind sending my phone to check .   

The steps to you guys are giving to users do NOT work.  Period .  At least not on this phone. 


So please stop saying the same thing over and over . Please please and please do research


They aren't going to stop repeating themselves guys. I've been dealing with this issuefor over 3 months now and they still haven't resolved it.  


The only thing that worked for me at first was doing a factory reset.  If i did a factory reset with the other carrier SIM inserted, it would work, but if i powered my phone off or restarted it, it would go back to saying invalid SIM when i turned it on. Once i did a factory reset, it would work again. However now that doesn't even work anymore. Now the phone says invalid SIM with any except sprint no matter what. 


The only response i get from sprint now is "it's unlocked, goodbye" because my phone is paid off and I'm no longer a customer, so they don't care that the phone they sold me doesn't work.  If you expect anything to be done, then we'll have to all create tickets at the same time or something because the only thing they're doing is telling us the exact same thing and they think we're too stupid to do it correctly.


I have 2 computer tech certifications, both in troubleshooting and IT, but they think I'm too stupid to do this correctly. My phone has been connected to Wi-Fi and plugged in for 2 months waiting for the unlock that's never came. 


Pretty soon I'm gonna start looking into alternative options to get my money back for the faulty device i was sold.


We need to get together and do something together as well. 

That is whar I was told earlier “Sprint did all.  It is now on you”. Crazy

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