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Lease Paid Off - Unlock Request


Lease Paid Off - Unlock Request

I paid off 2 devices that were leased in a retail store Saturday morning. About an hour later I called in to request device unlocks. The two request were submitted and I was told 24-48 hours to process.


I did not get a confirmation email for either request so I chatted in that night and was told they were submitted and to allow time to process.


Yesterday (Sunday) I chatted again because the 2 devices were still showing options to purchase them on the website and in Sprint app. I asked rep to verify that they were paid off properly as I did not want me Unlock request to be denied. They verified they were paid off and stated they’d request my Unlock to be expidited.


I still have not received any emails regarding my Unlock request and the devices are still showing me the option to purchase on the site and in app.


Can someone please help clarify what’s going on here. 


Good afternoon. I'd be happy to look into this for you. Whenever you requested for unlock, was the phone set up as stated in this link? SOLUTION: Sprint Hints for Successful Unlocks Did they provide you a ticket #? Unlock tickets take between 1-2 business days to be completed and there's no way to expedite them. They are worked in the order they are received. 


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