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Left Speechless


Left Speechless

I’ve been with Sprint for a few years now. I’ve made payment arrangements many of times along with extensions at times without a problem and have ALWAYS made good on my word.  Unfortunately  earlier today I lost someone near and dear to my heart in my family unexpectedly that has us all in complete shock.  As I’m packing and trying to wrap my head around everything I remembered payment agreement that’s set for tomorrow,I quickly signed into my Sprint account and started chatting with an online agent since I couldn’t risk having my service interrupted during all this, especially while traveling in which the money for the payment is now going to.  The first 2 agents told me nothing can be done to extend it without 50% partial payment today to avoid interruption.  I explained that I could give the 50% to them Wednesday or even Monday if I absolutely had to ask a family member and then the remaining amount Friday.  Basically was told no exceptions can not be made and if I didn’t have any other questions then chat would end. I tried to ask them to connect me with someone whom could possibly assist in this and then the agent exited.  If for one second I thought I could  speak without bursting into tears I would of called Sprint. I quickly started a new chat with an extremely kind, compassionate, caring and curtius agent who said she wishes she could help me but I have to chat with someone from the financial department and unfortunately they are closed.  She was able to set me up with a call back in the AM and actually said she was sorry for mine and my family’s loss.  I couldn’t thank her enough.  I’m still so hurt by the prior agents

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