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Lied to by Chat and Service department


Lied to by Chat and Service department


I never complain about Sprint since I've been customer for the last 10 plus years, but I've just reached my limit and want to cancel and can't find the official complaint department.


I was in a chat session yesterday and had changed a scheduled payment. I asked the representative in chat since I changed my date to the 11th of this month for automatic payment would this still cause my serive to be cut off. I was told as long as it was scheduled for the 11th my service wouldn't be disconnected.


I got an automatic call a few minutes ago saying my servie would be disconnected if I didn't make a payment in 24 hours. I have a payment scheduled Monday when I get my next income. I called the automatic number back and talked to a representative and explained what I was told in chat yesterday and that my service would not be interrupted with my scheduled payment but she told me thats not true and If I don't make the payment arrangement my service would be canceled.


I tired, broke from the holidays, I have my bills set up and don't want to be without service during this bad snow store and I've been lied to for the last time. I used the last of my income for gas to go to work next week for a payment today, Money I don't have right now, to set up payment arrangement I was told I wouldn't have to do on chat, that I had to do talking to the rep and I'm left with terrible customer service that wants me canceling my service. 


Please help me with this issue now and I want to terminate my service after my bill, my LAST BILL WITH SPRINT, is paid.



Sprint is worst in customer service

i wil advise to every one who ever is using sprint, neve advise any one to goto sprint , i am having very very bad experience, i switch from verizon to Sprint and its a nightmare 

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