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Long Time Loyal Customer and I am leaving Sprint!


Long Time Loyal Customer and I am leaving Sprint!

After almost 10 years with Sprint I have had it!  It is bad enough that I had my identity stolen, but in the mess of having to close out bank accounts and open new ones, try to get the money stolen replaced, I tried switching my banking information through Sprint, and the system would not let me, and in the mean time Sprint has turned off my phones, I can't get through to an agent that isn't overseas so that I can explain the situation so that I can make a payment arrangement on a bill that is excessive to begin with, and when I went into a store for help they couldn't help me because they got hung up on by customer service 8 freaking times themselves.  Sprint used to have great customer service which was why I stayed for so long even though my bill is ridiculous.  Now though, if you can navigate the automated system through more push this #'s than it should take to unlock Fort Knox, you can't even get a customer service rep who can answer or help with anything that requires a basic yes or no answer.  I am so disappointed and I will be taking not only my 4 lines with me, but my parents, my brothers and some of my friends will be leaving Sprint as well because of this.  I hope you are happy Sprint for choosing not to have competent Customer Care, nor the willingness to help a long time customer.  You will be losing more than my personal business from this as my family and friends are leaving your service too because of how ridiculous this situation has become.  The inconvenience is not minor to me.  Nor to my family and friends who know of the situation.  Sprint should be ashamed of what it has become.

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