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Lost another customer


Lost another customer

Trust me on this, I will never suggest anyone to ever use your company.  This is the BS that your company has put me through:

A couple years ago I fully paid for two Iphone 6s Plus as gifts to my parents, from Sprint.  It was around 2k.   When my bill was getting more and more expensive, I looked to change my plan into something more reasonable.  A store employee helped me and gave me the impression that this new plan would save me money.  When I received my first bill, there was an additional $50 charge on my bill for "phone device fee".  It was $25 for each of my Iphones because I was not financing them.  So, I paid Sprint about 2k to buy the phones, and now I'm paying them $25 per phone for using them on the plan.  That brought my bill higher than it had ever been.  When I spoke to customer support, they gave me the typical scripted answer and they could do nothing for me.  This was one of the many reasons why I decided to leave Sprint.

When I could take no more I decided to leave.  On Aug 27 I had four lines that needed to move.  Two were the paid for Iphones and the other two were financed Samsungs.  I traded in the Samsungs because Tmobile had a reimbursement deal.  I intended on using the Iphones  (which I owned) with the new carrier.  The phones were in perfect condition.  At the Tmobile store I discovered that the Iphones were locked.  I thought they were unlocked because I asked for them to be unlocked when I went to China.  Apparently, there's such a things as International Unlock and Domestic Unlock.  For the next six days I called Sprint at least 15 times, contacted them through chat and also through this forum.  They provided me with the following:

-To unlock the device you have to connect to Itunes, backup, reset and restore (didn't work)

-Looks there was accelerrated charges on the two Samsung lines because they were financed.  Because there is a balance due we cannot unlock.  I paid that same day and it was posted to my account immediately.  My account balance showed no balance due.  So what about the unlock?  Now they can submit a ticket to their "backoffice" to unlock the phones.  This will take 24 to 48 hours.

-After the 24 hours and 48 hours, I called many more times to ask about the status of the tickets.  Multiple MULTIPLE customer service employees told me many different things. It will take 3 to 5 days.  It's always been our process there's nothing we can do about it.  The ticket that was sent in was sent for the wrong line.  No one submitted a ticket for the lines you requested.  It will take a month.  It will take to your next billing cycle.  I'm sorry we cannot escalate because there is no way we can contact our backoffice.     

-In the meantime, my parents who need their phones for their business is without a phone for six days.
-Soon customer service began telling me that the phones were already unlocked.  On Aug 28!  The unlock was already approved, my phones should work with another carrier. (I tried, it didn't work)

-They told me there is something going on with our unlock signal, please keep your phone on wifi for the next 6 hours to receive the signal (did it nothing worked)

-They provided a number code you can put into the phone and it will unlock the phone (I tried it but again it did not work)

-Factory reset the phone (did not work)

-System update the phone (that option literally does not exist on the phone)

-Perhaps it's the Tmobile SIM card (it was not, I was able to connect to the Tmobile network FINE using the sim card on a legitimately unlocked phone)

-Since I was told multiple times that the phones were unlocked by Sprint, I decided to check with Apple, who checked the IMEI numbers in their system and told me that the phone were still blocked by Sprint.  Thanks for your lies Sprint.

-Finally day 7, my parents could no longer go another week without a phone so I had to trade in the iphones and get new ones from Tmobile. Luckily they understood my situation and gave me a good trade in deal.  Even though now I have to finance two more phones on my plan, still the monthly bill price is significantly cheaper than Sprint ever was.    

-NOW they are telling me that there is an early termination fee that is not shown on my account that is blocking the iphones from being unlocked.  First, how is it that I speak to so many customer service, I ask them to look into my account, I ask them is there anything ANYTHING that is preventing my phones from being unlocked, AND NO ONE TELLS ME THIS UNTIL NOW.  Second, for the past 6 days I was told multiple times that they phones were unlocked, I spent hours on the phone, hours in the stores, I went to Sprint,  Tmobile and Apple and still I could not use the phones.  I wonder, if I pay this, will ANYTHING HAPPEN?  Will the phones be unlocked or will there be another EXCUSE?  I have never been so angry at a company.   Although I am no longer a customer, I hope your managers, suprervisors, department heads seriously consider retraining your inept staff because this was absolutely ridiculous and I am SO happy I am rid of you Sprint.   

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