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Loyalty Discounts - customer for over 20 years


Loyalty Discounts - customer for over 20 years

Been with sprint for over 20 years now and I used to get a discount with my mom's employer for the first 10 or so...but now I haven't gotten anything or any luck.


just upgraded to the new S10 5G and still no luck on discounts for being a longtime customer...that's just not good business practice.


Re: Loyalty Discounts - customer for over 20 years

We have some discounts available such as military, corporate discounts and some for military members as well. 

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Re: Loyalty Discounts - customer for over 20 years

I completely understand. I've been a customer for 15 years but yet I can't upgrade without paying full price for a phone while all these wonderful deals are only for new customers or if I'm adding a line. I've been in the phone with them for the past 2 days trying to see about upgrading and they keep telling me how they appreciate me for being a loyal customer but that's as far as it goes. Am I asking for anything for free? Nope. I just want to be treated like I'm valued as much as a new customer and get the same or better offers that any potential customer. It looks like the only way for me to get a good deal on the new Note 10+ is to go to another carrier and transfer my number. I'm pretty sure I'd be appreciated much more somewhere else. 15 years just to be treated like a throwaway.


Re: Loyalty Discounts - customer for over 20 years


I'm having an issue with loyalty discounts myself, but a bit different from yours.

My wife and I were on her mother's plan, who was an employee, therefore we were on the employee plan as well.

When she was laid-off, we lost the plan and I had to find a better deal.

The rep on the phone got me on a plan that was similar (unlimited everything, but for a bit higher price) and it seemed to be going well.

Today I get my new bill and it's now $20 higher.


The loyalty discount he offered me was only for 10 months.

This was not disclosed at the time of the switch, as I would have declined the offer and began searching for a new provider.

As a Sprint customer for the last decade, I feel that this was very deceitful of the rep and that I should not have been sold this under the guise of it being a discount that will always be on my account.

When I called in to the chat line, I was offered $10 off the bill (not $20, which is the increase I saw), and then told that I was on the top of the list for any new loyalty discounts that may arise.

I'm sure that this top of the list thing is nothing genuine, and that it was just to get me stop asking why I was lied to.

But seriously Sprint, I would like some answers.

Why was it ok for your rep to lie to me?

Why is the customer service for long time customers so poor?
What discount can I get for being a long time customer that was lied to about the plan I accepted?

Re: Loyalty Discounts - customer for over 20 years

Hi there. Sprint does not offer a true loyalty discount, I'm sorry you were under the impression you would be receiving a permanent discount. This was likely done as a temporary courtesy in having to be removed from the older plan and moved into a new one. We'd be glad to take a look at your current plan and see if there are any areas where you might be able to save on your bill. Just send me a PM and we can get some additional info in order to take a look over things for you and see what might be available to you. 


Sprint did start their My Sprint Rewards app which offers discounts and free rewards for all customers. If you haven't checked it out, I would definitely suggest doing so.


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