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Loyalty...what loyalty?


Loyalty...what loyalty?

I have been a multi-year, multi-line customer and am up for a suite of lease renewals.  Your competitors made switching easy and enticing.  Sprint has made staying a customer rather difficult, frustrating and simply annoying.  It is next to impossible to get someone on the phone or chat that is authorized to offer incentives worthy of staying with Sprint.  I have 5 lines and 2 Apple Watches...all will be going to a competitor if I am not able to work with someone at Sprint to keep my business.


Does anyone have contacts within Sprint or recommendations?  I am hoping a Sprint moderator is monitoring this and will chime in with a proper course of action.


I don't want to lose you as a customer. I understand your frustration with the offers available to you. Have you spoken with our Account Services department? They may have something that my department and Telesales doesn't have. 





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