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Multiple Incorrect Bills & Terrible Customer Service


Multiple Incorrect Bills & Terrible Customer Service


I am trying one last time to speak to somebody at Sprint Corporate (above the regular customer service reps) before writing a formal complaint to the FCC.


After having been on a legacy shared plan with my wife (historically paid $200 for a new phone that we owned afterwards and paid monthly service bills), we upgraded her phone in mid-February.  I went to a Sprint Store and since they told me they couldn't negotiate pricing (I've been with Sprint on family and individual plans since 2002) they had me call Sprint Customer Service from the store where I was on the phone being transferred from one department to another for over an hour and a half.  They finally hung up on me with no progress being made.  I called customer service later that evening where I spoke to a customer service representative who told me that I could receive the savings I was looking for while upgrading my wife's phone and switching from my legacy plan to a new unlimited standard plan (standard def vs. hd).  We discussed at length (over two hours) what my monthly bills with my wife's new phone upgrade should calculate to and he confirmed multiple times that including taxes my bill should come out to between $150 - $160 per month (gave me a range as taxes can fluctuate, which was reasonable to me).  I was agreeable to this pricing and although I requested written agreement of this, he was unable to provide that and of course, there's no way to contact that specific customer service representative once the conversation was over.  Lo and behold, my next bill arrived and it was over $100 more at $258.  I also needed to upgrade my phone, so I called Sprint at the beginning of April to get my bill corrected and discuss upgrading my phone.  I was on phone again for 2.5 hours and the customer service rep. was getting very contentious with me, essentially telling me that the pricing the original customer service rep. sold me doesn't exist.  I continually told her that we had discussed it at length and that's what I agreed to.  Finally after she threatened to hang up on me, I was able to transfer to a supervisor (she stated three times that I couldn't speak to a supervisor, but after I insisted, one miraculously was available).  After talking to the supervisor (named Winston) for another half  hour or so, he figured out that I was correct and the previous customer service rep. put me on this unlimited standard plan, which is only available on an exception basis apparently.  We then negotiated my new pricing including a new phone upgrade for me on this plan and he agreed to offer an $80 credit for the incorrect bill from the previous month (even though it was $100 more than what I was originally sold, but at that point, I was content with the $80), he offered me a $10 credit towards my new phone each month for the first 10 months of my contract and agreed to waive the $30 upgrade fee.  He stated that my new plan should be roughly $175 a month with the $10 promotion and $185 after the first 10 months.  I received my updated bill recently and it's $226.  While it shows that some credits have been applied, it's clearly not correct as this pricing is 30% higher than what I agreed to when speaking with Sprint Supervisor, Winston. 


I was given a sprint interaction ID to confirm my conversation recently, which was I1758707749.  In the meantime the original, incorrect $258 has been automatically withdrawn from my account since I'm on autopay and the new $226 bill is set to be taken out within the next week.


This is absolutely unacceptable and Sprint has positioned itself to make it nearly impossible to combat this horrendous customer service. Yet, they are happily withdrawing the incorrect amounts from my checking account and making multiple false promises month after month while wasting literally days of my time.  


Please rectify this situation immediately.



Mike A.

Sprint Social Care S.M.A.R.T. Agent

Re: Multiple Incorrect Bills & Terrible Customer Service

We can take a look into this, and see what went wrong. It sounds like the agent might not have counted all the charges. But I want to see for myself on the account. I am going to send you a PM to get some info. 

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