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Need to file a complaint


Need to file a complaint

I have been having trouble with sprint service all day today. No one on the phone has been able to help me, or has seemed to want to help me. It prettty much seemed to be a joke to them. I was passed around to different reps for about three hours. Passed to the same department twice. I was speaking to a supervisor at one point, made it sound like he was going to be on the phone with me to explain the situation, after holding for 20 minutes, my second time with the order support deparment, I had to explain everything over again for about the 6th time becasue he was not there. None of the reps seemed to understand my problem or to even attempt to care. I cannot even to describe how furious I am right now. I need to know where to file a complain against pretty much evey person I was on the phone with last night on 4/20, especially the supervisor. Also, one rep seemd to lie when the person I was on the phone with. He told me that the rep put in the notes that I undertood the issue and was OK with the response. That is most definitley a lie, if I understood and was OK, I would not be up at 6AM writting this.

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