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Network is extremely slow. I'm getting .08 Mbps down


Network is extremely slow. I'm getting .08 Mbps down

I switched from Verizon to Sprint over the weekend and I absolutely hate it so far. On Verizon my mobile network was amazing, granted I never ran a speed test because everything felt instantaneous. Now, the Sprint network is slower than anything I could have imagined. I used the live chat feature and they have me do the ##UPDATE#, and they had me update the PRL but it didn't work. They told me it could be a SIM card issue so I went to a Sprint store. They had me do the exact same things and said they couldn't just give me a SIM card and that I would need to use the insurance I purchased on the phone (The phone is new, I got it on Saturday) to get a new device.

They sent me to ANOTHER Sprint store who tried the same things again, and tried a new SIM card. It didn't help. They sent me to ANOTHER Sprint store. This time the Sprint rep "helping" me didn't even look at my phone. He just shrugged and said something along the lines of "Hey that's just how it's supposed to be, if you don't like it you have 14 days to end your contract." When I showed him my speed test results he laughed and said "Oh yeah, that's horrible".

This is bull**bleep**. None of the reps even seemed to care. They just tried to get me out of the store so someone else would have to deal with it. If the network is actually this horrible then I want to get out of this and switch back to Verizon immediately. 

I have the same issue no matter what location I'm at. I have a Galaxy S8+. I live at the corner of west 7th st, and fairview ave at zipcode 21701.

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Re: Network is extremely slow. I'm getting .08 Mbps down

Thank you so much for reaching out to us. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience. We were able to review the area and everything seems to be working fine. Allow us to review your line and make sure that everything is set up the way is supposed to. Check your inbox and reply to the private message that I just sent you.

Sprint Social Care
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