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New HTC U Ultra - Unlocked


New HTC U Ultra - Unlocked

Can the new New HTC U Ultra - Unlocked be activated on Sprint?  I would start this on a new board or general HTC board, but that doesn't seem to be an option.  Due to Sprints severe lack of timely updates that have been already released by both the manufacturer and other carriers, I have very little desired to ever buy another carrier option from Sprint directly.  


If the phone is still supported for updates by the manufacturer, Sprint should keep up with the updates, and I am not talking about immediate or within weeks, I mean in 90 days or so is reasonable.  If not, they should stick with the clean versions and not overlay their software and cut the overhead of that all together, making both a quicker turn time for releases and less overhead for support on their end. Not to mention a more secure device for the customer, but missing the last 6 months of security updates becuase you have arbitrarily stopped supporting models is gross negligence on Sprints part. 


Re: New HTC U Ultra - Unlocked

if you want a device that gets updates quickly then go with a Nexus phone...its not exactly new that carrier branded devices take longer to get any updates rolled out to them. its been the same way since the original Evo days.
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Re: New HTC U Ultra - Unlocked

nida12, to answer your questions regarding the device, no, the HTC Ultra cannot be used on Sprint as a ''Bring your own device'' You can find the list of compatible devices @



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