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New Sprint customer of 5 months - Device credit still not applied


New Sprint customer of 5 months - Device credit still not applied

Has anyone else been given the run around for months to get your device credit promotion applied to the bill?  I knew there was going to be an issue with the sales associate in the store told me to check my bill after the 2nd one and call in to make sure i got my credit.  I did a chat last month (3-4 months in) and was told it was sorted and all taken care of.  Auto debit today out of my account same as usual.  I called in only to be told this time that the store has to give the device credit and I have to go there.  The sprint store told me to call in again.  I'm pretty sure this is some kind of ridiculous scheme. The rep on the phone was rude and didn't put me on mute so I got to hear everyone around her in the call centers conversations. It was very professional. I so regret changing service and giving sprint a try.   I never had any issues like this with Verizon.  

My concern now is I'm stuck in a loop of people who don't know what they are talking about or I was sold a bill of goods that isn't accurate even though I have the receipts to prove it.  So i just have to guess the sales associate didn't know what he was talking about, the first chat rep didn't, the store rep on the 2nd visit, and the last person I just spoke with who told me to go back to the store might possibly understand my situation.  I feel confident I am 1 of tons of people dealing with this immoral practice.  

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Re: New Sprint customer of 5 months - Device credit still not applied

I understand your frustration with the credits not applying as promised. I'm happy to review the account to figure out what's happening. I'm going to send you a private message to get your account information. 





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