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New customer treated poorly and mislead


New customer treated poorly and mislead

I just activated my account with Sprint December 2nd with a $179 down payment I was told that my first bill would show up around the 25th.  Just one week later I received a bill for $180 or so, and I was a bit surprised and it said my bill was due Christmas day (that would be 23 days of service). Although it was unusual I thought it was a mess up with "my Sprint" seeing how it doesn't work half the time.  I also tried to check my agreement but of course I was, and still am unable to download or view it when I try. I check after the 25th and it says same balance due but the date changed to January 25th(screenshoted) and that made more sense to me from what I was told by the representative.  New years Eve or an hour after the ball dropped (30 days of service) my phone was shut off.  I tried for hours through automated bots who told me I had to pay at least $90 to restore my service,and failed to get somebody, so then waited till the next day to try and work things out.  I called and talked to several representatives and half were very rude and and I told them I only had service for 30 days, why am I cut off? They said the bill a month in advance and that I am not allowed to make any arrangements for payment to restore service till I paid half my bill, very rudely I might add. Even asking if I can return my phone's and eat the $1000 it would cost me they still would not even give me one single day extension to use my phone.  My mother is terminally ill and I have two children and I am the only one to care for them, and I pleaded for just a day, 24hrs and I would pay the half.  They refused and said there was nothing I could do.  I don't think it was an unreasonable request and appears I'm stuck on a lease for the next 18 months, and I am severely disappointed in my decision to join sprint, and still cannot access my agreement for review.  Everyone I know and everyone on my social media, will know how poorly I was treated.  They  have some nerwve to call me a valued customer, after the way I was treated and spoken to, makes that statement laughable. Never again Sprint, never again.  If you read this don't make the mistake of signing an agreement with a company that will treat a new customer this way.  They won't even give you 24hrs,but they will leave you on hold that long though.

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