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No 2 year upgrade option without a lease


No 2 year upgrade option without a lease

So mad I could scream, I have been a Sprint customer with 2 phones for over 10 years. I have always at upgrade time received a credit towards new phones. Now I am told I will get no credit, no discount unless I add a line, and can only lease. This is completely unacceptable not to reward customers who have given you long standing loyalty. Dear Sprint, some customers Do Not want a lease, it just adds another bill to pay. I love Sprint, but if I cannot find another option will have to leave. SadSam

Sprint Employee

Hey there, we understand your concern and we don't want to lose you after 10 years of loyalty. Sprint is simplifying your device purchase experience, allowing you to lease or purchase your favorite device in monthly installments. This change aligns us with other major wireless carriers who no longer offer 2-year pricing. Sprint’s pricing and purchase methods do change on occasion. While we no longer offer subsidized (2-year) device pricing, we are pleased to continue to offer a variety of affordable options for the latest smartphones including leasing and installment billing. We have new promotions coming up all the time and we even have special offers for our long time customers. We'd like to personally review your account for the offers available. Please send us a Private Message. Just click on my name and select "send a message".


Also, I see you have a number as your username. Since this is a public channel, we do recommend you to change it for security purposes. I'll be waiting for your response.


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