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No Choice but to be Unsatisfied with Device unless I Pay a Large Amount of Money.


No Choice but to be Unsatisfied with Device unless I Pay a Large Amount of Money.

Hey, everyone. I am a new member of Sprint and I am currently leasing a Samsung Galaxy S8.

The day I activated my account and phone was on 6/20/2017. The service was kind of below average - long wait period before receiving service, complications with starting a new account to the point where the employee and I had to completely start over making a new account. The consultant was an okay guy (I forgot his name), but this one thing he forgot to mention has now affected me negatively.

Three weeks after I got my phone, I started having many performance issues. Applications would not work, my media was getting lost and nowhere to be found, the phone has frozen up and crashed a few times, and there would be times I would not receive calls despite having good reception. I've restarted and rebooted my S8 many times and even called Sprint about a couple of the problems but issues still persist. I am unsatisfied with my smartphone and would like to exchange it for a different one.

Looking at the details of my lease, I would have to pay up to $500 dollars in order to end it early, then would have to pay more money to get a new lease with a new phone. I wondered if there was a way to simply return the device or exchange it without paying so much -- and there is. The 14-day grace period that I was never informed about by the Sprint consultant. If I had known about it, I would have used it to my advantage once I started having complications with my Galaxy S8 by simply exchanging it for another smartphone and continuing my services with Sprint. Now, I am on the fence about using this phone company.

Any advice? I would just put up with it until my lease is up in November 2018, but the issues have caused a couple problems regarding my job and this is the only mobile communication I have.

Sprint Social Care

Re: No Choice but to be Unsatisfied with Device unless I Pay a Large Amount of Money.


I am sorry to read that you've been having issues with the device, I would like to ask if you were able to take the device to the closest Sprint store so they can further investigate the route cause of the issue. I would also like to see any other options available you may have. Please check your inbox.

Sprint Social Care
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