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Non Existent phone deal..


Non Existent phone deal..

Back on November 21st, 2018 I went to these two links:

Galaxy S9 and Galaxy Note 9

On these links I clicked, after signing in, and selected to upgrade my S6 and Note 8 respectively, for the deal price.  

During checkout I noticed that the normal price was listed and I called Sprint to verify that the deal was valid for exiting upgrades. (it let me select upgrade and still showed me the deal price until I got the the checkout page.).

Here is a screen shot of the popup I got saying this was for existing cutomers..

sprint deal november.jpg


Notice it says Already as customer?  take advantage of our special  pricing... etc...

I verified this with Customer support before and after purchase.


Fast forward to now:


After several attempts, this promotion has not been added to my account for either phone.


From chat transcript:


wk503593 : May I know What is the promotion that you accepted online ?
You : 10/month for S9 and 20/month for Note9
You : There was also 15/month for s9+ but did not get that, just part of the promotion..
wk503593 : Thank you so much met me check that promotion
agent : Thank you for waiting.
wk503593 : Galaxy S9 will be $5 a month after $28 monthly credit.
?Galaxy S9+ will be $10 a month after $28 monthly credit.


wk503593 : I was able to check the promotion that you mention which is Samsung Galaxy Note9 for $20 with Sprint Flex Lease (11/21/18 - 3/7/19)

wk503593 : Upon checking here that yes your eligible to get the promotion please allow me to get assistance to our sales department so that the promotion will be apply because I tru my very best to apply it but it wont allow me Please Stay connected

--Same chat, they had to bring on sales specialist--

er072146 : Got it..Let me pull up your account real quick and check what is going on
er072146 : I got your account pulled up now,and it shows promotion that you are pertaining to on samsung galaxy note 9 purchased 11/21/18 is under a promotion for $20 with Sprint Flex Lease.
You : Should be S9 as well
er072146 : You will receive $21.67 monthly credit
er072146 : Let me check now for S9


er072146 : Are we pertaining to this promotion?Samsung Galaxy S9 for $5 or GS9+ for $10 with Sprint Flex Lease (11/21/18 - 12/02/18)
You : Yes


You : To clarify.. when discount applies it will also credit the next two .months, plus the past months?
er072146 : it will credit the last months where you should be start getting the discounts and moving forward it will be a monthly discounts up until 18 months has been completed.
You : Ahh ok, so the 18 month count starts now instead of decembet...
er072146 : it will start dec friend..It will give you discounts in one blast this coming month to cover last months..
You : Oh ok.. got it
You : Do you know the total monthly discount to be expected for both phones?
er072146 : Thank you Robert..
er072146 : Samsung Galaxy S9 for $5 or GS9+ for $10 with Sprint Flex Lease
er072146 : Samsung Galaxy Note9 for $20 with Sprint Flex lease


Now, when I followed up this evening, after not seeing the lower price, credits, or refund on my latest bill, I contacted them again.


They told me that this deal never existed and that the only deal they had was for new customers...


Please see image inserted in post above.. 🙂


I have been with sprint since before sprint existed (was bought by them when they stated)  almost 20 years ago, and am now wanting to switch to another carrier...


Re: Non Existent phone deal..

Hi ZON1CUS. I'd be glad to check in on this and see what's going on. I'll be sending you a PM so that I can get some additional details from you so that I can research this. 


"Hail Yourself!" - Ben Kissel

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