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Not a Question - Discussion - Sprint's New Unlimited: 2 Thumbs Down


Not a Question - Discussion - Sprint's New Unlimited: 2 Thumbs Down

Personally, I think Unlimited Freedom works better for anyone while tiered unlimited is the enemy to actual by definition unlimited. It was stated that the plans are not throttled. I also do believe otherwise with the video, music, and gaming restrictions so not much bandwidth is needed so it becomes throttled in that sense. However, I haven't necessarily seen it actually enforced.


In reality, I don't the word Unlimited should be allowed to be used in these plans one bit based off of one thing, the actual definition of "unlimited", rename to the plan to "Unlimited" Plus with the quotes around Unlimited.


unlimited - adj. - not limited or restricted in terms of number, quantity, or extent.


The exact opposite is what I see in these plans. Yes, all carriers, referring to the people in marketing who come up with the plans, need to learn it and sell based off of that.


Even though I'm on a current Unlimited Freedom SD v29 plan for loyalty, I feel these new plans are not loyal consumer friendly.

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