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Not honoring promotion, penalizing if you try to cancel


Not honoring promotion, penalizing if you try to cancel

Signed up for buy iphone get 1 free promotion and bought 2 and got 2 free  on a second month I started to get billed for 3 phones and getting 1 as a promo. Called sprint, they gave me credit at that same moment and asured me it will not happen again. Next month it happen again. Called in and was promiced a credit on next billing cycle. Never got it. Had to call again and they applied credit again (past and present) and aftsr speaking to a supervisor on why it cannot be permanently fixed i was informed tbat they submited a ticket to add a second promo code and it will take effect next cycle.  Next cycle bill came in and same story called again and representative was surprised that tbis have not been taking care of by looking at the history of my calls and notes but also notified me that my last request was submitted but nothing else was done after and he offered to make a new case about this inconvenience and submit the request again.  Suppose to take 24-48hrs to process. He followed up in 3 days and notified that the issue has not been fixed and he will escalate it to management.  He followed up again in 1 week and said its still have not been fixed. 1 week after that autopay processed over payment again. After giving Sprint all of this opportunity to fix the problem i got fed up spending countless hours on the phone and asked to cancel my lease.  The rep offered to cancel my lease without any penalties because sprint was not honoring the contract based on information i presented and notes in ghe system over past 4 months,  but i had to return all phones by mail.  I offered to buy out 1 iphone so i could unlock it for another carrier to avoid buying another device.  After paying for it ($490 remaining ballance) that same day at the store, i called sprint to request the unlock code. I was denied it because their system does not show that i paid for the phone and instead paid for the ballance due on not returned phones.  Deceived and misinformed i had to get another phone right away and informed sprint that if thats the case i will be returning that phone as well and requesting a refund to my payment which according to sprint cannot be undone because i paid for the ballance on the bill, and not the phone, but as soon as i return the device i will be given a full refund for it.  Fast forward to sprint confirmed they recieved all 4 phones, NO refund was or will given to ($490) phone buyout and still have over $1000 in pending charges for canceling the lease that will not be removed.  And only solution that i am being offered now is $150 credit applied towards the lease cancellation fees for inconvenience with this process by sprint supervisor in another county. Even with the receipt in hand from sprint confirming that i paid off 4th phone off completely.  



Hello Yurathe1, I'd like to take a closer look into this matter. I have sent you a Private Message, feel free to reply at your earliest convenience.

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