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Not receiving my monthly credit on Samsung Note8


Not receiving my monthly credit on Samsung Note8


I am spring customer since last 4 years, I have upgrade my phone from Lg g5 to samsung note 8. 


Rep suggested me to start add line so I can get 50% discount on phone and he suggest me to once you receive new phone you switch your old number to new line and cancel the old line. 


I follow his instruction and order new phone with new line thru web site. rep help me to place an order online. he was helping over call. 


Once I received my phone, I called support team, I requested as above. 


Swap number from old line to new line. but he swap the device from new line to old line. and cancel my new line only. During cancellation he even did not mentioned that I would not receive my discount if I cancel this line. 


I came to know about this issue after 1 month, Since, I am talking to multiple rep over the call and escalating this issue to top management. Every time I got feedback that sprint management will call me in 10 business days. 


Since last 1.5 months I am waiting for their call. 


Today, I again called sprint support they they told me they will call me after investigation complete. 


I dont know whom should I contact. Can you please help me or guide me how can I file complaint to sprint or any government agencies 

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