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Note 9 Upgrade Pricing VS New Line Pricing


Note 9 Upgrade Pricing VS New Line Pricing

I have been a loyal Sprint Customer for 4 years but really 8 using under different account name.

I have been waiting to upgrade my phone (Already paid off) and nothing really interested me but the Samsung Note 9 and then I saw the $20 Promotion! I guess that was the time to upgrade..or so I thought.

-I signed in to my sprint and chose to upgrade and what I got was a $41.67 upgrade price.

I called sprint spoke to a agent who said She could credit my account since I was a loyal Customer so that it would reflect the price of $20, the Call got disconnected But agent got my number just incase we got disconnected and I was not called back after 10 minutes. When I called back I asked if I could speak to the person who I was dealing with but said that they didnt know who it is. The Person I originally spoke to said there were no notes on my account about the last person I spoke with and said that I need to open a new line to get the offer. 

-I was transferred to a manager and then to Customer accounting and the Person I spoke to kept saying that they would remove the upgrade fee that is on my account when it shows up even though I kept stating that I have not upgraded yet and that my Question is about getting a Note9 as a upgrade for the same price as what a new Customer would get.

2 hours of lost time on phone.


*Chat support was unable to assist.

*I kept being repeatedly sold a new activation after I said I do not need a new line.


*I have 3 Lines with Sprint, many years of being a Loyal Customer and happily said that my service is great but My phone is about to bite the bullet (Battery lasts like 5 minutes) and paying double the price as a Loyal customer is Harsh.


*I dont want to switch carriers but Im not made of money.

-I do not want a different phone option, I need the Note9 for work.

*Help me Sprint Smiley Sad   

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Re: Note 9 Upgrade Pricing VS New Line Pricing

We don't want you to leave either @mgarmo85, so we dug through all of our offers for Note9 s hoping we could find something that might match what you were quoted. I'm honestly not sure what happened as I wasn't present when you had that conversation but there aren't any deals currently matching that offer for upgrades. The only thing I can think is that the person saw the offer for a new line and mistakenly thought it could apply to an upgrade.  It sounds like you've talked to everybody you can talk to about it as well, so I won't waste any more of your time there.


That's not to say that we won't ever put an offer in for a phone you like, we update constantly with new offers for our existing customers. Keep checking back or, even though we obviously prefer you get the phone from us, maybe take a look at Best Buy or Samsung themselves to see if something piques your interest.


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Re: Note 9 Upgrade Pricing VS New Line Pricing

I too am in your boat and have had no luck with service representatives on the phone or in local store. I got the same upgrade notice that you got and same thing. Won't give the good deals to loyal Sprint customers. I guess what I learned about loyalty as a kid was just dung. I have suffered for the last 20 months with an LG that I have hated from day 1.  Just waiting to get close enough to pay off and upgrade and in hopes that Sprint would give back to their loyal customers. Nope not yet. I knew the note 9 deal was coming and hoped Sprint would give to all. Maybe I am not going to be loyal anymore. I put up with the crappy insurance claim months ago and what a nightmare that was and then being told could get military discount for the 35+ years service by customer service reps on phone and in store and haven't been able to make that happen. So maybe time to move on

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