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Over 10 year customer


Over 10 year customer

I talked to customer service and asked them if they could help me with my upgrade since I am eligible and what they offered me was things they would offer any other customer. I asked if I could get a similar deal on the upgrades I did 2 years ago and they said they did not know what that deal was and it wasn't in notes on who I talked to who helped me with it. I wanted to do 2 year contract and upgrade phones with discounted price like I did 2 years ago. What good is being a 10+ year customer if they can't do this for me. 


Re: Over 10 year customer

Please let me know asap if anyone can help
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Re: Over 10 year customer

We appreciate your loyalty. We don't offer 2 year contracts with discounted devices anymore. From my experience, there aren't many companies that do. The best way to locate a discounted device is directly from the manufacturer. The discounted device will carry a 2 month subsidized phone charge of $25, depending on your plan. 





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