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Payment arrangement


Payment arrangement

I called in to let sprint know my bank account had been compromised. The 1800 line is very disrespectful. They still kept my payment arragement. Payment of course was reversed. I called back in and stated my problem and was on a 45 min hold waiting for a supervisor that never answered. I made payments this week totaling $357 alone so I called back in because I wanted to restore service. Again another 55 minuet call waiting to finally get supervisors with ID # Il449436724 which I had to call back in for from another agent because he was very rude, cut me off and told me my money didn’t matter if wasnt going to pay full amount he doesn’t want to talk and he hung up on me. 

Sprint Social Care S.M.A.R.T. Agent

Re: Payment arrangement

Hey, we never want our customers to be treated that way. I get why you're upset. Let me take a look to see, what I can do for you. I'm going to private message you so I can get some additional info.

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