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Pissed 6 year customer


Pissed 6 year customer

I have been a customer of sprint for 6 years and I have been treated like crap over the last 3 weeks.  I have spent more time on the phone with them in the last 3 weeks than in the last 6 years.


I got a deal for a samsung s8+ in my email, I got another deal for an iphone for my son.  We have never ever bought an iphone product through sprint!  Everything that we buy has always been samsung; so I called to get the discount moved to his number.  Well, I was told by 4 different people that I would have an answer within 3-5 days.....It has now been 3 weeks and I still don't have an answer, and the one time i did get an answer, it was for my phone not for my sons.   I have spent more than 15 hours on the phone trying to resolve this issue.  It is now to the point that I lost my promotion and now they are telling me it'as another 3-5 days.  To top things off, my son has need a new phone for a while and he went on a 10 hour trip; this issue should have been done with 3 weeks ago and this was already planned.  The phone, that I have not been able to replace, died while he was on the road...I had no way to get in touch with him for 3 hours and he had no gps.  I feel that after all my loyalty that sprint is telling me that they don't care if I go to someone else.  I feel like I'm just a number and don't matter.  The worst part is that I'm about to go on a business trip and have to get a new phone for my son so that I can get in contact with him while I am gone.


How long are sprints days?  What days are considered days?  After 6 years I am going to start looking for another plan.  


I wonder if Sprint even realizes that I am one of their biggest advocates and even stayed with them during the whole LTE upgrade when many people left?  I'm also the type of customer that is loyal and 10 years from now would have still been with Sprint.  I guess that doesn't matter anymore.



Sprint Social Care

Re: Pissed 6 year customer

Hello mewilky.

You are obviously frustrated. Here at Sprint we value our customers and their expectation. This is definitely not he way we want our value customers to feel. Please give us a chance to help.

Sprint Social Care
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