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Please help me to unlock my iPhone 7


Please help me to unlock my iPhone 7

My iPhone 7 meets all of the requirements to be unlocked. Was originally purchased in full, the seller no longer has a sprint account. But I have not contact with  him anymore, he told me that the phone is NOT attached to a delinquent account and he didn't give me the account holder's information. However, I did check the IMEI before buying it, and is clean and has not a lost report o something like that. Please could you help me to unlock the device? the IMEI is *****


Re: Please help me to unlock my iPhone 7

Hi Vidzu. I took a look over the account of the original owner and there is a balance that was left behind on the account. If you know the owner, I would contact them to bring the account even so that the phone can be unlocked. 


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