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Prepaid Visa Card Never Received


Prepaid Visa Card Never Received

I signed up for 5 lines for $90 promotion.  Part of the promotion was to receive a $400 Visa prepaid card.  I verified the promotion on the phone when I ordered in July 2017.  I made sure the promotion was validated at  I have the hard copy of the promotion along with my original order.  I was told it would take a few months to receive.


A month later, I called and no one at Sprint had any clue about a promotion.  I escalated and finally had a supervisor come on the line who verified the promotion and said it would take a few months.


3.5 months later, I called Sprint and was told the Visa card was sent.  And it was for $100.  When I told Sprint that I hadn't received it and it was for the wrong amount, I was told that maybe the card was sent to a local Sprint store if I wasn't at home when it was delivered.  The "Visa card department" would call local Sprint stores and ask if they received it.  I was given a case number and a "Visa card department" phone number.   I called the phone number and it is a scam line that tries to sell cruises, etc. 


Fortunately, there are laws against false advertising and governmental organizations that investigate fraud.   I can't waste any more time with calls to Sprint.




Sprint Social Care

Re: Prepaid Visa Card Never Received


Thank you for bringing this situation to our attention, Let's take a closer look into this matter. Please check your inbox, I've sent you a private message.

Sprint Social Care
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