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Problem with Sprint


Problem with Sprint

I have been a sprint customer for almost two years in February my contract is done. I have been treated pretty crappy since I became a sprint customer and I have taken all I could take. Last year I was actually treated a little better than this year. Even though it was only my first year the agents were so eager to help me and take care of me even though I went through some hard times that caused major hard ships because my rates and charges keep going up without any resolution nor proper explanation as to why except for “well the taxes and fees are a little different this month,” or “we’ll you didn’t realize the month before you were paying for this.” The best response I got was “your rates are the best you have you’re lucky you have all those lines and are only paying what you are!” Great! Last year I upgraded four out of my five lines and added a sixth and seventh line. I qualified for all the new customer specials that sprint was having including the prices, you know the element phone was only $5, the motoe4 was “free!” But then I got charged for the motoe4 for an entire year and barely now they corrected it, a kind agent found the ad and finally I stopped getting called a liar as I have throughout an entire year of my calling sprint telling them they kept charging me for a free phone! They helped me out with charging whatever leases I had at the time to my next bill and helped me upgrade. Three days ago I called in wanting to upgrade I spent time letting the agent know check my history you will see I qualified for all those great specials you have right now and I wanted to upgrade my phones so I could stay as a settled customer another year longer. She denied me over and over I gave in and just went with the lg g4 stylo for 4 of my lines and one motoe5. Online they were showing $12 each device a month for the 18 mo th lease over the phone they were charging me almost $17. I sat there arguing about it even asked her if I could take a pic of what it showed online she still did not budge I said fine I’ll take it. I didn’t have the money upfront so she took care of me by offering to add the leases to my next bill I was elated! Perfect! At least one thing is going right! But then two of my lines were being blocked for upgrades so then instead of upgrading all six lines I was trying to upgrade three days ago I was advised I could only upgrade four. I said fine she told me she would reach out to customer service the next day and get that resolved so I could upgrade I accepted. Finally ready to check out and finalize these upgrades and then she tells me I have all these new connection and upgrade fees. I again told her to look at my history I never got charged for no upgrade fees! I was so bothered and upset two hours into it I called at ten pm central time it was now midnight I was exhausted and I had to get up 5 hours later to get children ready for school and get to work as well. I asked her to help me out she said she could if I signed up for the insurance on all devices. I was done. I ended the call. I called the next day and a supervisor advised me the charges would be waived I was excited! I didn’t even care that I wasn’t getting the Samsung 9 for $5 I just wanted upgrades I didn’t even care that I was getting charged almost $5 more for each upgraded device I just wanted the upgrades. I get transferred to sales for the phones and I get told they can’t help me unless I pay for all leases upfront. I freak out hours of my time each call and I finally got the only thing that stopped me from getting everything i was at least getting approved for the low possible phones and getting charged more for them but I was willing to accept and now this. At the end I was unable to get the phones because no one would help me at all even though two nights before I had someone at least willing to take care of the upfront charges. I wasn’t trying to get someone to waive those ease fees I got it I was paying for them just not upfront and like I said it was in my previous history and i had an agent willing to help me and get that taken care of the only problem was the additional fees. I can’t wait till February I am done with sprint and I have so many of my fb, instagram, Snapchat and twitter acct asking me about my sprint experiences because I work 65 hours a week I haven’t had the chance to post anything about this yet I promise I will let everyone know the type of treatment they will expect from sprint how constantly I was called a liar when I was telling the truth the entire time and now how no one gives a crap about helping me at all with the upfront lease charges even though three nights ago someone was actually doing it. Very disappointed and frustrated and heart broken because i am not going to upgrade my phones and as soon as February comes I’m done with sprint!

Sprint Social Care S.M.A.R.T. Agent

Re: Problem with Sprint

It's pretty unusual to upgrade that many lines without having to put any money down. I strongly suggest going to your account and check for new deals before you decide to make a switch. We have new deals all the time and hope there is an option that you will love that fits your needs.


Also, if you own the devices, there is the option of using the Sprint Buy Back Program which can help to off set the costs when you upgrade. 


We would hate to see you leave and appreciate your loyalty. 

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Re: Problem with Sprint

Yeah I’ve already been told that you can’t help me constantly without paying for anything upfront the messed up part now five days ago someone was willing to literally place all of my leases to be paid on my bill not like I was asking to erase them or void them I just didn’t have the cash upfront so yeah... that’s all I was needing help with after the whole upgrade and new phone line charges Which were taken care of after all now I just need the lease charges to be put on my phone bill and I’ll be great to go and upgrade and stay unless you’re willing to help with his please leave me alone I’m tired of being told I can be helped just to spend two hours reexplaining everything and then be told never mind can’t do it after all.

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