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Problems with the Buyout Promotion


Problems with the Buyout Promotion

I am EXTREMELY upset. I have called Sprint and Sprint's VISA line multiple times at least 20 times within the past month. At first it was entirely my fault that the correct portion of the bill was not put through. We fixed it and they expedited my gift cards. I received one gift card with the lesser amount for one of my lines but did not receive the other. I called and they told me to wait a few days. In which I did. Well those few days came and went. I called back to let them know that I still did not receive my gift card for my other line (by this time my bill for my other carrier was due). 

When I called again they made me state my address. They then proceeded to tell me that that was not the address they had on file. They had a different address in a completely different state than where I am located! They resolved this issue. Lone behold 2 months and my bill is over due by 3 weeks I am put in collections and received a gift card but it was shut off. They explained to me that I would receive another gift card because that one was canceled due to having the wrong address. I AM IN COLLECTIONS! I have NEVER been in collections. My credit is going down because of Sprint. I am on the phone as we speak and they still have the wrong address! How hard is this Sprint how freaking hard? 


I am so unhappy that I am canceling as soon as this issue gets resolved IF IT EVER GETS RESOLVED! I am so done too with the fact that I do not get service within my own house when the other 3 major cell phone companies I get service and 4g too within my household. Tell me how that works Sprint. You suck I am canceling! 

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