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Really Poor Customer service


Really Poor Customer service

I left Sprint. At least I thought I did. I had two lines. A Sprint rep at some point gave me 2 more selling me a renewal. 

I ported out the 2 lines that I use and called to cancel the other 2 and all my services.

A month later I got charged again. That's how I knew that the Sprint rep didn't cancel the lines nor service.

I called Customer Care. There is "no record" of me calling to cancel. WHAT? Therefore they say they can't reverse/refund the charge. I recommend they go listen to the call recording, but they can't do that for some odd reason.

Now, they say they have cancelled my lines and service...I guess I have to wait another month. Good luck Sprint.


Sprint Social Care S.M.A.R.T. Agent

Re: Really Poor Customer service

Hi jcbriggs! Well that is definitely concerning if you say that you called and cancelled and there is no record of it. How long ago was this and did you have any active leases? I am more than willing to look into your account again for you if you would like to clarify or to get further explanation.

If so, just send me a private message so I can get a little more info from you.

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