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Representative called me a liar


Representative called me a liar

Back in July I received a new leased iPhone 7plus . I waited till I received the return slip. My husband packaged my old iPhone 6plus and shipped it out. I’ve had this crazy amount on my account due to the warehouse not receiving my IPhone 6plus. I went to the sprint store and asked the agents why this enormous balance is still on my account. They said to not worry and wait it out until the warehouse receives my phone. So I did. Now it’s October and this amount is still on my account. I’ve been contacting sprint since the 18th of October. Many agents I spoke to told me not to worry they’ll fix the amount on my bill. I don’t want to pay for a device that’s not in my possession. I have asurion ever since I had my iPhone 4s. I know what to do when they send you the return slip. I kept repeating my self to 20 Plus agents. One said I have to call ups and find the tracking number. How am I suppose to find that? This is from July. Some agents hung up on me or disconnected from the messaging system. I didn’t do anything to them to disconnect from communicating with me. This sum on my account is not letting me use my phone. Because sprint wants me to pay for this device. Today I spoke to three agents over the phone. First one wasn’t understanding anything. Second agent wanted me to speak to someone else. I told him, I cannot contact the number because my phone services are restricted. He said I can, guess what ? nope.... I couldn’t call anyone. The third agent, she tells me that sprint attempted to send me the return slip. They never sent it to me. I said really because you did send it to me. She then states that I must have given my iPhone 6plus to a family member or a friend. I replied with no I sent it back. She obviously called me a liar. Is this how sprint treats their customers? I would like to complain on the rude third agent. She didn’t want to hear what I had to say. She kept saying we never send you the slip. I’ve done absolutely everything to fix this problem. With the investigation and other procedures agents suggested. I’m not pleased being treated like a liar. The bill of $160 has been going with late fees because I refuse to pay something that I’m not in-fault of. Please fix this. I’m overwhelmed with this situation. Sprint is just going to keep charging me. I would like to add also that a representative told me that my account would be refund by the 24th of October. Another broken promise. The representative kept saying to not worry she’ll have this resolved. I have the chat scripts. 


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Re: Representative called me a liar

Good morning Jesspace! That's not the feedback we like to read. Let's take a look into this. Check your inbox and reply to the private message that I just sent you.

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