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Retention at its finest


Retention at its finest

Hello community.  I wanted to drop by and say how sick I am of being a loyal customer of sprint for this many years.  I would think that being a customer I would be treated with a little more respect.  First matter at hand I ended up trading in my girlfiends phone for a new upgrade and I had confirmation and all saying I returned the phone.  But to my suprise a week later I receive a charge on my account for $700+ dollars.  Well I had called customer care and it was going no where with a solution and I had litterally 20 minutes before I had to drive from New York to Florida. I just said forget it I will deal with it when I return in a week.  Well at the end of my vacation when I was using my gps on my phone to return home they had shut off my service.  So now im stuck on the side of 95 at some gas station begging the cashier to let me use his phone to call sprint to turn my phone back on long story short they turned my phone back on and when I got home I ended up paying what I thought was my usual bill minus the $700 no phone return charge which got cleared up 2 days later so I thought everything was squared away.  Nope they shut my phone off again I ended up in a mess because I am a sales man and needed to contact customers from my phone.  So during work hours I called Sprint and spoke with an supervisor and asked why my phone was shut off.  She told me I owed a past due ballance of $42.  I asked if they could turn my phone on and I would take care of it at the end of the day but her response was I would need to speak to the billing department.  I did not have time so I had no choice but to hurry up and pay so I could turn my phone back on and I could keep from getting written up at my job.  At the end of all of this I thought to myself for an on time payer and a loyal customer since I was on my fathers plan when Sprint aquired Nextel I just felt like Sprint really let me down.  So I called an explained everything and I said Im not interested in money or special deals Im really just interested in an apology letter or phone call from Sprint.  I have yet to receive anything from sprint but on the other hand if I was looking for credits to my account or a special deal to feel like Im a loyal customer they did offer me the chance to save money by using auto pay. Now this is complaint 1 out of 4 but this happened to be the worst of it all. My closing statement is maybe sprint and just think about this for a second but instead of focusing on attracting new customers with deals that you should be giving to your loyal customers and not shutting off the service of a loyal customers account over $42 and a sprint no phone return error then maybe you would keep your loyal customers remember for better business its always quality or quanity.  Thank you sprint for your business but as soon as the verizon team that I am working with comes up with a deal that I cant refuse.  Sorry but this legacy is on to bigger and better things.


Re: Retention at its finest

Good morning. This stinks, that this happened to you. We appreciate all of our loyal customers. I don't want you to leave. Is there anything that I can do, to make you stay?


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