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Returned leased iphone waiting for credit back to my account


Returned leased iphone waiting for credit back to my account

Mr. Juan. I'm very very upset with sprint right now, i have been trying to return lease flap phone and 2 iphone 7 and 7 plus. They had those phones in the warehouse, and your company people tell me i have to wait within 15 business days for ya'll to review my account. one say 3 to 7 business days. So, my problem is which is it 15 or 7 or i have to wait 3 more months? I have been making timeless phone call to every one of your customer services in America all the way to international. All i got were your robot machine constantly hanging me up and plenty of running around from people to people, from phone number to the next phone number. And ya'll lock my kids phones, because of the out standing bill that i was not create by me. I do like i suppose to, try to return the merchandises before time was up, but your people keep giving me a running around, i went online to see how to return the phones back, all is telling me that i can return to any sprint retail stores. Not quiet that easy, your retail stores would not except my return lease phones because they said i order it online. Keep in mine, my blood was boiling. They told me that i have to return it to sprint corporate stores in Memphis or Nashville. Well, i live 2 hrs and 45 minutes from either place. Not happy at all, sprint  fail to say what stores will except online order, And then when i got on live chat, the person name Timesha tell me to go on sprint inquary, i told him or she that i need a nother phone # to call, when i look at the screen a suryer come up for me to do how the service was perform today, my blood still boiling. After countless hours of dealing with sprint people , i finally ask them to cancelled my account after i paid my last bill,  and then sprint billing department slap me a $1544 charge that i did not created. What a company value. So, i don't owe ya'll anything else, i do my  job as a customer trying to return the phones on time, but your company people just won't help me. I been a customer for 2 yrs, i love the company than. But this 3rd yrs was a living night mare since privacy change and the whole company customer value change as well. Too many unfinishe issues not being solve with anyones of your sprint customer services. It take to many step to go anywhere with customer services, my gosh

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