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Robbed, lied to and lost phone numbers


Robbed, lied to and lost phone numbers

My year long problem stared in 2018. My in laws went into sprint to set up a family plan for them selfs. There was a promotion for additional free lines. So my husband convinced me to switch over with them. The rep helping them set up the account let them know there was also two other promotions going on.

-One was to go to a Desert Financial credit Union near by (East Mesa, Az) and make an account with them and then come back with proof to them so they could deposit 100$ per line in the account. (Total of 500$ since we had 5 lines). 

-Second promotion was to get 250$ worth of accessories for our new phones which we would pay at that moment but would be reimbursed in a gift card later on. 

Of course NONE of that happened. Which was no big deal. We let it go. The real problem started sometime around October or September not sure at this point. 

One day when my husband went in to pay our bill the same rep (store manager) told him they had ANOTHER promotion going on. 

-If we payed 800$ upfront for a certain amount of months of service we would save money. Showed him the math looked about right. WORST THING WE COULD HAVE DONE. 

The following month our service was shut off, messaged him he said he’d fix it no worries everything is fine. Next month same thing. Same response he’d fix it. Also a baloney excuse, he manually had to enter we had payed because of the promotion. Again our service shuts of the next month but this time it is not turned back on for WEEKS! He let us know he needs to fix our account and will give us temporary number so we can at least have service then he will transfer our original numbers to that account. Also throws in new phones. This is January of 2019. He lets us know that the remaining  800$ we payed up front will cover a few more months. Again the service shutting down starts. Never got our original numbers. Figured out other people have them now. He said its IMPOSSIBLE for it to happen he will fix it but is out of work cause “his dad is sick”. A couple days ago he stopped responding. Went in to speak to another Sprint rep since customer service over the phone and chat was useless. (Explained it over the phone they rudely said you need to pay explained it on chat they ended my chat session.)  

We were informed this person who got my in law debt and lost all our phone number including mine (linked to a business) QUIT. We need this resolved but have no idea who to talk to for help now.. 



Re: Robbed, lied to and lost phone numbers

You have definitely been through a lot with us. I apologize that I'm not sure I can fix what's broken, but I'm happy to review the account and see what's been going on. I'm going to send you a private message to get your account information.





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