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Rude customer care and billing


Rude customer care and billing

I have encountered the worst customer care service with Sprint. Yesterday was my cut off point. Long story short me after listening to a friend we switched from AT&T to sprint with the scam of sprint to pay off our AT&T account complete lie, we paid out of pocket $1200 to switch with this great company Sprint to enxounter NOTHING BUT RUDENESS AND COMPLETE CHAOS, causing nothing but stress... so me and daughter did an upgrade then charged absolutely the most over charged fees, making our bill almost $2000 dollars and mind you we have been auto pay customers for years dealing with a cell phone bill going higher and higher every month and suppose to be unlimited. For the first time causing us to struggle to make this now hige cell phone bill yesterday paying $300 then another payment of $150, and now still facing a company with care reps being aggressive making me feel attacked thru a stupid chat then going to belittling me all with a chat that was suppose to be emailed to me and guess what i never received it now mind you before i encounterd the great lying rude person i hate two other chats which somehow were both just dropped and i did revceive those emails which were ,

Chat ID: 746571587418453826
DATE/TIME: 2018-04-30 09:59:48
Chat ID: 746571587475934190
DATE/TIME: 2018-04-30 10:14:25.

I did take a screen shot of the last of our conversation with the very rude customer rep, which im not sure how to attach and will try to send right after this. I am sick of chatting cant ever get a real answer, and a complete refusal of the emplyees of this company to attempt to help a customer who has a above average history and clearly pays their bills even though the rude customer service advised me to pay my bill on time which made me completely frustrated and PISSED OFF and before i could even finish typing she drops the chat and of course no email. What kind of CUSTOMER CARE is this? I need help getting this bill paid off so we can GO BACK TO AT&T WHERE WE NEVER EXPERIENCED THIS KIND OF TREATMENT and complete disregard to your customers. I have exhausted all chats and etc. So I am reaching out on this community for the first time.

Thank you is putting it nicely 


Sprint Social Care

Re: Rude customer care and billing

It sounds like you have been through a lot Browneyedgirl45. Let me take a closer look at the account and see how I can help. We sent you a private message, please reply to it at your earliest convenience.

Sprint Social Care
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