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S7 Edge and S6 Edge Plus after Asurion return 10 hours on phone with Sprint NO UNLOCK!!!!!


S7 Edge and S6 Edge Plus after Asurion return 10 hours on phone with Sprint NO UNLOCK!!!!!

I have been a customer of Sprint for 23 years. Records are only held till 2009. 6 lines never paid late. I am very upset furious and frustrated. I never knew one could unlock a smartphone that was paid for. Anyone reading this please note when you pay off a Smartphone that is YOUR phone and property. 

The international unlock is terrible and many a time my children and family no matter how many times you call to have unlocked international didn't work. 

We switched some lines to Google Fi simply due to the ability to have one number world wide. 


After literally 10 - 12 hours on separate occasions with Google Fi Support.  Sprint assures the phone will be unlocked for a different carrier. The support was evasive, blamed the Smartphone model, Blamed the Sprint Sim card not being in the phone. I am an engineer and I can follow instructions from the reps. We heard so many different excuses it was hard to follow. Even was sent to the Sprint stores with no luck. - This is illegal this is my property! I was going to keep the rest of the line with Sprint but after being put on support for 1.3 hours to speak to Supervisor who was just as helpless I can't give my money any longer to a company that allows these types of practices. On one call even though the Sprint Rep knew I was doing everything to unlock so I could bring another carrier she still had the bad training to ask me if I wanted insurance on the phone. I was quoting and showing the website on how to unlock a phone. She had no idea. --- This is my last attempt I am not going to give my business to one of those ' Unlock ' stores that has stolen and who knows what can of Smartphones. -  I can't tell how much time and money I have lost and I will not purchase a new phone for Google Fi when I have 2 brand new ones. - Sadly instead of Sprint trying to keep their clients hostage if they were nice about it , one never knows maybe a client will come back. Anyone reading this - Sprint will not share that you are allowed to take your paid phone to ANY carrier.  I tried every carrier Sims on 3 Smartphones all repaired by Asurion .  Sprint blames their stores, Asurion and vice versa- Maybe instead of spending all this money on worthless commercials think about how to compete with Google Fi and other carrier that are working the same way.  

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Re: S7 Edge and S6 Edge Plus after Asurion return 10 hours on phone with Sprint NO UNLOCK!!!!!

Howdy BigTatty. I'm sorry to hear that you've had so much trouble getting your phones unlocked. I'll be more than happy to get a case/teicket created for you, and get these devices unlocked. I sent you a PM so I can gather a smidge of info. 


For the unlock to be successful there are key steps that have to be completed on both my side and the customers. Here's an article regarding the unlock process: SOLUTION: Sprint Hints for Successful Unlocks


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